Friday, May 1, 2009

Sunny Weekend......

It has been a busy week and I am rolling into the weekend with even more things to do. But I wanted to check in here and make note of and share a few things with you.

The sun was out so beautifully yesterday. I was able to open my windows and enjoy the fresh air. Kekoa rather enjoyed sitting outside with me soaking up the morning rays on his belly. I think he was trying to get an even tan.

I had the joy of spending a few days with my mother-in-law before they left today. I showed her the marvels of shopping and eating at Ikea. She was amazed. I love that store. It is not all my style of decorating but I love the clean and crisp practicality of it all. Boy wouldn't it be fun to walk in with a blank check and decorate completely with their ideas?

My car was in the shop for a majority of this week to fix the damage from that silly little accident. I loved my rental car. Actually I loved the bells and whistles of my rental car. I normally drive a 1998 Ford Explorer so having a 2009 Camry was quite a change. The mileage was a definite plus and it was fun to know the outside temperature and have the stereo controls on the steering wheel. But, I very much prefer being higher up off the ground with my rig.

I have had so many people stop me this past week for 2 reasons. One is to comment on my little puppy. People have actually stopped their cars to come over to the yard and visit with him. Over and over I hear their stories of how they had a westie when they were kids or their friends had a westie or they saw a westie in the news or.....this list goes on. But every time the story ends with how perfect westies are and how blessed I am to have him. Being without a dog for a while, I had forgotten how much a pet can start up conversations with people and be a blessing to strangers.
The second reason people have been stopping me is because of my girls. I have had so many people this week ask me about being a parent to teens. The questions run like these....
"How do you do it?"
"I have preschoolers, will they still be cute in their teen years?"
"I am ready to kill my teen, how about you?"
With each conversation, I have talked about my girls being such a blessing to me. It has all been very interesting.
Pippin and Puddin' were telling me the other day that they were sitting in the counselor's office for a bit and the counselor couldn't get over how nice they were to each other. She wanted to know why the look out for one another and don't fight but instead giggle and finish each other's sentences.
Thank you God for being so soft on their hearts and affecting their lives.

So, I mentioned the weekend being busy. Would you like to know what is up? Nothing big, just the usual living with teen girls stuff. We are going to see a movie tonight with a boat load of friends. Tomorrow morning Puddin' is heading out to work at Father's Heart. Tomorrow night they and Rixxi, who is visiting from the beach for the weekend, are going to see a play while I attend a meeting. Sunday is church and an evening wedding downtown at the Benson Hotel. Oh and Hubby is gone for the weekend to run the Bloomsday in Spokane with the older kids. No, I don't mind. I am glad he can have that fun with them.
See just usual teen busy stuff.

I have a blogger question for you.......
When it comes to commenting, if I leave comments to your comments, do you come back to read them? If you say no...don't worry I won't be offended. I used to answer my comments all the time. But then when blogger stopped sending me notification it got hard for me to know when someone dropped by to say hi. Now that I have changed emails I have thought about starting that up again but wondered if it would even bless you to do so.

Below is a short 40 second video of Kekoa. He is now 14 weeks old and becoming quite a permanent part of our family. I started training him a couple of weeks ago and I am amazed at how quickly he is learning. He rather enjoys doing "school" with me and has fun with the challenges. He is house broken now but I decided to make an amendment to his routine and we are back tracking just slightly. I found that he would go to the door to want out but didn't know how to tell me so. So I had Hubby hang a bell by the door and I am now teaching Kekoa to ring it when he wants out. I worried that he would play with it all the time just for the novelty but for some reason he knows only to touch it when it is leash time.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. I love the bell idea!!! I'll have to remember that! Sometimes I get back to check comments...but sometimes I get busy...Sounds like you had a busy but beautiful week...I'm so deserve it! Blessings to you~ Janine XO

  2. He is still so cute!! I think that is so great to have the sweet relationship your daughters have! As for comments, I try to check back since I know you answer comments in the comments. If it is an older post I am commenting on I might not, just because of that memory thing with me, I might get lost finding it again - hehe.
    Love your posts!!
    p.s. Stepdaughter arrived this evening - leaves for the beach in the morning, but after next weekend is here until August. I would not mind, but how do you overcome being a stranger in your own home? Your favorite seats being taken over? Schedules all amuck? Thanks for your kindness!!

  3. It's been a while since I've checked in. Good to catch up.

    I generally go back after commenting if I know the person responds to them. I've often wondered the same thing.

  4. I always answer my readers -- even the ones I know never come back (just in case). I say, if it seems natural to you to answer, do so. If it is a chore, don't. But if I knew you were answering my cooments, yes, I would come back to see what you had to say.

    Kekoa is enjoying that roll in the sun! He's a doll.

  5. Janine....I have to be totally transparent here and admit that when I first heard a friend doing the bell idea, I thought "oh good for you but I don't ever plan on doing that". Now when am I going to learn that God loves a challenge. I had always had big dogs and they would definitely let me know. Little Kekoa just doesn't make any noises unless he is barking at a stranger. So now I am humbly glad and grateful that God had me remember my friend that had smart sense.

    Lailani.....oh how I can relate. Even with my step daughter being 29 years old, I still find myself getting in emotional turmoil whenever I know she is about to drive in the driveway. Her dad always changes when she is around. She gets all of his attention. He says and does things that aren't normal for him. I have to remind myself it is because he is wound up too and wanting to make the most of his time with her. I have to ask myself often to focus on looking at things thru God's eyes instead of my own perceptions. That always calms down my own emotions swirling inside me.
    And none of this happens with my step son. I feel so secure with him always.
    I will be praying for you. Thank you for sharing with me.

    Jeff....hey there. Thanks for stopping by. Does this mean you have your writing groove back now? I need to go check up on your site.
    And for the record, I always check back at your comments because I know you answer. It brings me a smile.

    Quilly....hi there. Thank you for sharing here. I always enjoy reading your comments on your posts.
    As for Kekoa, good golly this little guy has me hooked. Every now and again he struts his little will power and I have to remind myself to 'be in charge'.

  6. Kekoa is getting so big already!

  7. Kekoa's so adorable.

    And yes, I do read comments and tries to answer queries the best I can.

  8. jules yes to comments i do go back and say that you are bizzzzzy, with the girls looking after themself and the same for hubby .What do you do with your time or yes the the wee dog .Going shopping with the in laws. but there again with all the staff in the house you would have lots of time on your hands.HaHaHa. LOVE TO ALL got a good looking wee one.

  9. Michael.... good morning. Yes Kekoa is growing like crazy. I think he is almost 10 lbs now.

    Ann...Hi there. It is nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by to visit and leave your comment. I thin kit is official that I will start answering everyone again. it is the way I prefer it to be.

    I look forward to checking out your blog site.

    Alan....So you must just sit around thinking up new ways to tease and torment me my friend. Is that what keeps you busy? (smiles to you)

    Have a blessed weekend.

  10. Ah that cute Kekoa, how he reminds me of Milou at that age. My son and daughter in Law are buying a Yorkshire Terrier, we can't wait for the time when he can meet Milou [after his shots at twelve weeks]
    Since discovering the e-mail follow up option I click on that so that I can read others' comments and the bloggers response...mainly because I leave so many that I don't always remember which ones to return to, also it is nice to see [like the other day] 85 emails in my box, even if they were simply comments, not to me personally but to the blogger.

  11. I've had you on my mind so I thought I'd pop in. I so enjoyed your little video...Kekoa is so adorable. As a rule, I check back for comments when I know the person does that...always nice to extend a conversation with people you've gotten to know. Wanted to update you on Africa...BOTH of my kids are going in July. I never imagined they would be traveling together, but I'm thankful they are. They tend to balance each other out in most areas so I think God has His hand in this one! I'll post more about it later. Ask Pippin what tips she would share for the journey.

    Hugs to you dear friend ~

  12. Moannie...good morning friend. Thank you for your comments. Awe....a yorkie. They are so cute. My dad has 4 of them.
    Here in the US, pups have to be careful until they are 16 weeks of age to be full on their shots. I am so excited. One more week and then Kekoa and I can start going for walks. I have let him be around my mom's dog and my brother's dog but I won't take him out of our yard to any of the parks yet. It is so hard because we live with a 500 acre nature park behind our house.

    Joni...Good morning to you sweet friend. Thank you for thinking of me and coming by. I have tried to visit but have fallen way behind with all of the entertaining and puppy training.
    You are right. I do feel like I am lengthening the friendship conversation this way. I like it.
    Oh my goodness! They are both going? What part? Swaziland or somewhere else? I will ask Pippin for her input over breakfast this morning. That is definitely a blessing that they can go together.


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