Monday, May 4, 2009

Where Do I Start........

Hubby had a blast running the Bloomsday. I just received his results. He ran 1:36:33. I think that is great. He can do whatever he sets his mind to and I admire that. I can't imagine myself ever running even a mile.

The wedding we attended last night was absolutely beautiful. We have watched this girl grow up over the years and become an amazing woman. She is so tender hearted and is gifted with a perfect ease as a worship leader. Now she is married to an amazing man who also has an amazing gift and passion for worship. I wonder what God has in store for them.
Here is a cell phone picture that I snapped at their wedding. Everything was so elegant.

When I mentioned being busy last week, one of the things that I didn't bring up was tutoring an old student of mine. I think I didn't bring it up because I was stifling feeling a failure. She was having some algebra anxieties and her parents asked if I could fix the issues. One morning last week she came over with her assignment and we tried to tackle it. I could only wrap my brain around half of it while the other side of me argued internally as to the logic of the math and what in the world this teacher was trying to get across.

Once she left, I fought back those inner voices that taunted me.........
"And you call yourself a teacher."
"Ha, you never got a degree. You barely finished school yourself."
"You failed that girl and you probably scared your girls with all the years you home schooled them as well."

Yeah it was bad.
The mom came to me a couple of days later and said that the teacher couldn't even offer solutions to the problems. He said that all the students had issues with that assignment and he couldn't figure out why it was even in the scope of that algebra planning because it didn't belong there.

But wait, there is more.
The mom insisted on paying me for my time and held out in her hand an absurd amount of money. I tried to refuse it. I said I was just helping my friend, I am not an accredited teacher, it was just a couple of hours.
She said it was the least they could do for all that I have done for them for so long.
Father God thank you for that validation.

I hugged her and cried.
Yes I home schooled their girl for a few years, but I had personal motives. Yes I wanted to see her succeed and be a help to them, but I also knew that having a friend around would be a help to my girls. It was a motivator to know that someone was showing up every morning to do school. It made me more accountable.....and not so boring to them.

And then I had to laugh.
A few days ago I had posted some things on Craig's List to sell and I was frustrated that nothing had been inquired on. We have a few extra expenses this month and I was trying to figure out how to help out. My way wasn't working because God had other plans.

I just had to share that with you.
There are other things to share too but I will do that later this week.
Now it is time for me to go make a bunch of DVDs. Pippin was finally able to finish her sponsor video. I haven't even looked at it. But I feel so bad that she went to Uganda in December and we have yet to send out these thank you videos for her sponsors.

Have a blessed day.


  1. God is so good! So glad he gave you the validation!!!! He knows what we need, and certainly supplies...both our emotional and financial/physical needs!! I didn't realize you homeschooled...Bravo! I'm so grateful for authorblog, and our introduction some weeks ago! God bless you! ~Janine XO

    P.S. I LOVE that church!!!! What a beautiful setting for a wedding!!!!

  2. Janine...thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad too that we are getting to know one another. This 21st century tech stuff amazes me how I can get so connected to people I would otherwise never have opportunity to meet.

    Yes I did home school for a long time. Pippin and I worked all the way thru school from k-11. She had the credits to graduate this year but we decided to have a hand at some of the public school classes just for fun opportunities. I never could have taught forensics at home.
    Puddin' and I worked k-8 and now she is experiencing all that public school has to offer after the foundation we laid.
    I also was admin. to a co-op for a couple of years and then ran one in my home for 2 more. Wow never thought when I first started that is what I would do.

    The wedding was really beautiful. But it wasn't at a church. That was taken at the Chrystal Ballroom of the Benson Hotel in downtown Portland.

  3. Another moving post Jules, the wedding is great and it's so fulfilling when you have helped someone. Hugs...M

  4. M.Kate....thank you so much. It blesses me that you were blessed.
    The wedding had so much emotion in it. So much so that the dad used comic relief to keep himself from breaking down. When the pastor asked who gives the bride away, the dad said, "Yes that would be us....her mother and I....yeah you bet we ya go." It gave everyone a good chuckle.

  5. Dear Jules - you are being looked after. Which makes perfect sense as you give out so much helping and encouraging others, and in so many ways.

    Thank you for sharing the photo from a beautiful weddding.

    And its good to see Kekoa progressing along so well. Watch the sunshine, or you'll have to smother the wee lad in sunblock.

    Care and huggles, Michelle

    (Zebbycat is pretending to sleep, but then he will drop off into real sleep and snore again)

  6. Jules. God is REALLY good all the time. He knows what we need at the right time. Son in law just today got back from India with all the things going on there and christians getting killed,churchs getting burned to the ground.police not wanting to know.He saw many coming to Jesus.Healings.Been asked to go back next january so he is going to make time to go.the rest of this year is full.with Uganda in july, nov, and u.s.a plus me.and teaching at his bible school. please show pippin's D.V.D.when is she going again, plus what about you and marathon man going.To all the family have a joyful week and to the newly weds St. Poddy.

  7. Mickle...Hi there friend. It is evening and Kekoa is curled up in my lap chewing a bone that I'm holding while I type with one hand. Amazing what we do for our fuzzy friends huh? As for lil' one needing sunblock, it has rained ever since I took that picture.

    What does Zebby think of the rain?

    Alan...I'd love to share the video but it is too long to post. If you want to send me your "snail" address I can see about mailing you a DVD.

  8. Dear Jules, has rained all day, after the thunder, lightening and hail about 6.00am (which I slept through).

    Steady rain has Zeb a little annoyed - he keeps going back to the front door to be let out, and finds is still all soggy. His litter tray is his preferred toilet choice even on a fine day.

    Light rain and he'll head out, not minding wet and then muddy paws. Then he''l come in and complain that he's damp on the outter fur - Michelle gets out a towel etc....Just as well I don't have carpet, just polished wooden floors and some vinyl (brilliant for kittycats, even my eleven year old likes to slide across as he chases toys around - or is that a boy thing?).

    White furred Pets here need a lot of shade and sometimes also to wear sunblock as our sunlight is so harsh.

    If you have the time, would you please send a copy of the thank you video to my email addy.

    Right now Zeb is stretched out horizontally across the bed, bang in the middle and up by the pillows.

    With a dog you're the master, with a cat you're the servant/slave.....

    yet I'm sure "someone" sent Zeb to me - he needed a better homewith affection and safety, I needed cuddling affection and someone who loved me anyway. Mysterious ways and happiness for each and both of us. Enough rambling from me.

    i apologize for such a long comment, hope I haven't scared other off.....

    With care, thankfullness for having found you, love and huggles, Michelle
    (Zeb is asleep now with one of his ball shaped catnip little soft toys - he looks like he is balancing the pink ball on his nose, daft darling)

  9. Michelle...I am thankful for you too. Thank you for your kind words and fun smiles all the time.

    Yes it is very different to own cats vs. dogs. We used to have cats in the house.
    The sunblock, I have always heard that to be an issue with white animals. If their hair and skin underneath is white then they have no pigment in that area. Kekoa is dark skinned under his fur though so I don't worry. One of my friends used to have to put sunblock on the star of her horse's forehead and chest for that very reason.

    The video, it is too long to put in an email and because it is in DVD format I can't break it down. But if you would like to send me your land address I can see about mailing you one.


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