Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day......

Mother's Day was so nice yesterday. We went to church and then spent the rest of the day up at my folks' house.

This platter of Tuxedo Strawberries is one of the things that I took up to contribute to the array of yummy foods. I love making this patter because it always makes everyone smile....especially my mom.

My mom did her famous Kahlua Pork as the main dish. Sound interesting? No it isn't soaked in creamed liquor. It is actually a baked oven combination of liquid smoke and island sea salt that gives the taste of pork served in a Hawaiian luau that was cooked in a pit.

As has become tradition, my hubby loaded up his trailer with bark dust for my mom's present. It is always so cute. He goes to work the day before Mother's Day to load up and when he shows up with trailer in tow she always pretends surprise and shock.

I am so grateful for my family.


  1. What a lovely day you had! And oh my do those strawberries look scrumptious!!!!! And the trailer with bark dust, and your mother's "surprise..." What wonderful stories! Happy make me smile!

  2. Ah, I just knew you would have a post on Mother's day...especially after your comment on my post!!

    Yes, we do celebrate Mother's day in Australia....

    I am repeating my reply here, just in case you don't go back and you will find out, yesterday was a rather special day for me in more ways than one!

    Blogger Annie said...

    Ah, yes, Jules, we do celebrate Mother's day in Australia. Even on the same day, which I was surprised about! We always used to have my Mum over for dinner...and then my son and family always had me to visit , as they always do for special occasions, as well as many other times in between!
    I am not sure what form Mother's day celebrations take here...we went to church yesterday,and then had a picnic with friends in Central Park after church. Unfortunately it was a little cooler than expected, and the baby and I were the only ones without allergies! But we did have a great walk 40 blocks from 86th st to 125th street...seeing an area I hadn't seen a lot of before, which was fun, and took lots of photos, and which I will blog about tomorrow!!

    This year Mother's day coincided with forty years since the day I was married. Unfortunately my husband died accidentally after 15 no celebrations! But it was nice to remember the day, since we did enjoy the 15 years that we had together...and I now have 3 gorgeous adult children with lovely spouses, and eight adorable grandchildren!!

    There was a special moment for me at the start of the service at 11am yesterday that reminded me that I was married at 11am...a special person from the congregation came and gave me a lovely personal welcome as he always does. God always has his angels, and little surprises in store for us , doesn't he?

    Thanks for asking, as I realize I have said nothing about Mother's day on my blog...will remedy that tomorrow. Would have liked to put a photo of Doug and I on also, but my photos are all back in Australia. Maybe my daughter may be able to find one of us...she didn't bring many over from home either when they shifted over here for a "couple of years" !! (They have been here seven years already and possibly a couple more to go yet)!!

    Only another month and I will be winging my way home again...after having stayed my allotted 3 months !!

    ps Love the post about your Mum...very reminiscent of me and my Mum and her medical procedures, which were mercifully few before she passed away a few years ago. Last year I blogged about her...will have to try to find the photo! I know I have a copy of it on my private family blog!

    The losing of the car is very familiar...I find it happening to me more often these days, if I don't repeat to myself which level I am on etc when I get out of the car!

  3. Kalua pork is one of the first island dishes I learned to cook. There is nothing in the world quite like it. Those strawberries look pretty tasty, too!

  4. Jules, I just gained three pounds and all I did was look at your photo of Tuxedo glad that your Mother's day was blessed...

  5. Hi Sis Jules glad you enjoyed mothers day But PLEASE ANSWER WHAT IS BARK DUST USED FOR.Roll on fathers day.

  6. Janine...those strawberries are so fun and easy. Yet everyone oohs and aahs over them. I am glad to make them all smile.

    Annie....I love it when God orchestrates things and lets us see the results. I am glad it was a special day for you.
    Yes please do dig out those photos.

    Quilly...hi there. The pork is such an easy dish isn't it. I love how hassle free it is while making smiles all around the table.

    Sandi....glad you enjoyed the virtual sweet snack ;-)

    Alan....Bark dust a.k.a. beauty bark. Alot of people in the US decorate their gardens and yards with chopped up bark. There are different grades and "flavors" that make for enhanced aroma and helps to stave off the bugs while making the area look more finished and pretty.
    And rolls for Father's betcha. I usually bake all the bread for the big events but this time I ran out of time. Instead I bought a couple bags of sweet yeast rolls and everyone was happy.

  7. Sorry I am late Jules, but Happy Mother's Day anyway and may you be blessed not just on mother's day but for the rest of the year. I'll tuck in some of the strawberries if you don't mind :P hugs........M

  8. M.Kate...thank you for the blessings. I hope you had a wonderful day too.
    Blessings to you my friend.

  9. Hi Jules glad to you had a good day on mothers day.. Surprise is always the best thing

    God bless you

  10. Sabi...hi there. Thank you for your smiles over this way tonight. Blessings to you too.


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