Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Week in Review.....

"Sure thing Honey", I mumbled. "Just let me warm up my coffee and then I can do your hair."
On went the faithful microwave in response to the turn of the timer switch.
hmmmmmmm......zzttttttCHTTTTTT..........and then silence..................

I looked around me to see if other things were still working. Yes, the clock on the stove was still on, the refrigerator still hummed, the kitchen light still gave off its yellow glow.
The microwave simply died.
I clicked the switch a few times but there was no response. Pippin suggested opening and closing the door as a means of resuscitation. Nope that didn't work either.

Bummer.....I can't complain really. As you can see we have had it for quite a while. I am just stumbling to change my mindset when it comes to warming up left overs. Hubby is pulling an extra day of work today so that next week there will be bounce enough in the checkbook to replace the microwave.

I am so amazingly and humbly blessed to become the proud owner of a massage chair.

You may remember that back in the fall and winter I had been struggling with cascading headaches. After going through therapy and seeing a few specialists a decision was made that it was just a hyper muscle in my neck and to keep taking muscle relaxants to relieve the pressure. Over time I have gotten so much better. I have gone from taking 5-6 doses in a 2 day period to one pill every couple of weeks.

A dear friend of mine that owns a massage chair company, however decided that my progress wasn't going along quick enough. So a few days ago she brought me over a brand new chair free of charge and loaded with love.

Oh my goodness it is so nice! With the touch of a button I can recline back and put my feet up. It is programed for 3 different 15 minute massage cycles or I can choose a target type of therapy.
I am so very grateful.


I know I talk about my girls a lot and it may sound like they are so good they are not real by all the praises I give them. I don't mean it to sound like they are perfect. I choose not to talk about the bad stuff just because I would rather focus on the blessings of life instead of type out the junk for all to focus on. They make mistakes and get under my skin. But despite that, they amaze me to no end with their hearts and motives.
Because of that I want to share with you something that happened yesterday.

Puddin' had signed up to participate in a high school science fair and yesterday was the competition. It was a daunting task but one that she took on with a smile. When it was all said and done, 8 students walked away with grand prizes of a Dell laptop and she was not one of the winners.

I thought to myself, "We will need to go for some ice cream or something to make up for not getting a prize." But I was the one who ended up surprised.
When we got in the car, she said, "You know Mom it is a good thing that I didn't win a laptop. If I would have won then that is all I would have brought home. Instead, I gained valuable experience in competing and trying. Plus, I learned valuable tips on what I could do different next time."

That blows my mind. Here I am at 38 years old struggling with the idea of what was fair in a competition and my 15 year old daughter is the one with a mature attitude.

Thank you Lord for this week.


  1. Sorry the micro died, but whoa, that chair! What a blessing!

    As to only sharing the good -- I think the world would be a better place if we counted more blessings and fewer irritations.

  2. "And I think to myself...what a wonderful world..." sings Jules. Lovely post! So happy for you about the massage chair...your daughter is delightful! You have a lot to be proud of in both your girls! ~Janine XO

  3. Such wisdom at such a young age!!

    Congrats on the massage chair! What a kind thought and complete blessing!

  4. Dearest Jules, I love what your daughter said. I know what you mean about the children. I work and at times coming home late, tired, with a million office problem in the head, it easy to snap at them, look at their faults etc., and at times I slow down everything and just think of how blessed I am to have my 3 children. I think it is them who teach me more than I teach them and I constantly had to remind myself of how lucky I am to have them. Now, a massage chair..what can I say...who wouldnt want one, dont mind if I sit there for a tad longer when i am visiting..have a great week Jules, we are lucky to have our family..lucky to share many things too..hugs/M

  5. Jules, your daughter is absolutely right...competition is right way to go but winning the competition is not important ..Important thing is to gain something from your mistakes and learning from them, so you can do much better in future...That's how you become sucessful in your life becaue then you know importance of life... its very nice of her to thought that way in her young age. You must be proud of her


  6. TO THE SISTER WHO IS 38years that is 38years, are you sure you are 38 years that point over everyone now knows.He He .Sorry about your microwave. Glad your chair is doing you good.God will bless your friend.Now the girls,you know you and hubby plus God are taking them the right way.when it comes to microwave the one i have is 25 years old and good as new, use it everyday it's 1000w i tell you GODS hand is on to all be blessed.Jules that is 38 years old.

  7. So who cares about a dead micro wave when you have a brand new relaxer and a fabulous daughter.

  8. Quilly....I agree. I think to myself "why save the junk and grumbles for posterity? Someday when I am gone and my family pulls this all up, how will I be remembered?"

    Janine...I instantly heard your song in my head. I love that song.

    Lailani...thank you so much. I pray all is well for you. I need to go by and visit.

    M.Kate.... come on over and sit a spell any time you want. I will share the blessings.
    As for learning with the kids, it is so true. I think that when I stop and look at things thru their eyes, that is when I see the most truth. Goodness! How am I going to grow when they are gone? haa haa

    Sabi....Thank you so much. It was definitely an experience for her.

    Alan...yes I am 38! How I got here I don't know but I am proud of it.
    You are such a tease.
    Ok so seriously?......your microwave is a thousand watt and you've had it for 25 years? I didn't think they made that wattage back then. Yes god's hand is definitely on it.

    Moannie...That brought a smile to my face and heart. Thank you.

  9. Dear Jules,

    thank you for reminding me to look for the good, the bright side of things.

    Is cold here - a cold snap most of this week and due to continue well into next, however.... today I cooked up four slices of beef shin into a glorious, slow cooked, veggie packed and yummo stew in my Dutch oven - this cast iron pot warmed the kitchen. The cold weather means I can safely leave the pot and contents to slowly yet safely cool over night, coz the kitchen will become very cold again.

    re CD of Pippins travels - would you please email me (see my blogid) coz I can't find your email address (possibly on ancient PC that I'm avoiding) then i can give you my snail mail address.

    Only 38? You're just a young thing! Sez Mickle with all the wisdom of 44. LOL

    care and huggles, Mickle and my living "hot water bottle", Zebbycat, xxx and purrrrrrumbles.

    p.s. Okay - I know,Zeb is a cat so really I'm his giant hot water bottle!

  10. Hi Jules,
    It've been a while since I visited here, but I wanted to stop in to say hi and hope all is well.

  11. JULES pop over to for your award. Many blessings.POD.

  12. I love when kids reveal all that common sense and wisdom we worry so much about...we really should know better. We received Pippin's CD a few days back, please tell her thank you, it was such a nice surprise and I've really enjoyed looking at her adventure...truly amazing.

    Blessings to you my dear friend, enjoy that massaging chair, maybe sit an extra 15 for your friend here in Cali ~ ;)


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