Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh Where Can She Be.......

It is now 11pm at night and I am sitting in front of our new computer getting everything set up.
Yes....our NEW computer.

A little over a week ago our computer hard drive crashed. It was an internal hardware issue that had been going on for a while and I was trying to nurse it along. I was successful until it started making rapid fire woodpecker type noises. Some things I was able to back up and others not. A friend of ours thinks he can still get things off of the drive so we will see.

Maybe the thought has crossed your mind as to how we were able to purchase a new tower when we are still working at cutting away our debt. May I share?

Hubby came home on Friday (after we had been a week without a computer) and said, "Guess what? You know how the company has been re-structuring things with pay and such and drivers aren't getting bonuses anymore? Well I just got notice that I am grandfathered into the old group and am getting back pay bonus for the 3 months that they haven't given it to me."

I love that. God delights so much in making things happen. He even cares that I feel the Internet is like a life line to me.

I have much to share from the past couple of weeks and thoughts are swirling in my head.
For now though I should hit the pillows for a fresh day tomorrow.
How grateful I am that I had made that blogger list of who I visit so I can find everyone again.


  1. I am glad you were blessed and are back on the net! I can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

    I have endured so many computer crashes that I now have all my email addresses on the net (gmail) and all the blogs I love on Google Feed Reader, so I don't have to run around reconstructing everything. It is such a hassle.

  2. Such great and lovely things happening for you this year, dear Jules. You are definately being looked after from above. Good to see a Fine Man being rewarded too.

    Just as my PC starting giving up, dear Dad offered me his old laptop.

    Love and huggles to you, huggles, pats and snuggles to Kekoa, Michelle xxx

  3. How wonderful the way God provides!!! Glad your back, too! You were much missed!!! ~Janine XO

  4. Quilly....I recently switched from MSN to Hotmail because of an overflow of spam so it was easy to get my address book set up. How grateful I am to have an internet based typed email.
    Let's declare that this is the year of no more things breaking down. Hubby came in last night after mowing the yard adn ....yep the mower is dying.

    Mickle....Your dad was so wonderful to rescue you like that. My goodness how much we have come to depend on our technology.
    now that I have my email again, I will be writing down your address and sending you that video.

    Janine....Thank you. I have missed being able to visit everyone too.

  5. Jules, this is great and God does seem to work mysteriously for you in so many ways. Have a blessed week ahead..hugs/M

  6. Lucky for you everything is stored on Blogger! I am always amazed at how things get provided for when we least expect it. God is good.

    Blessings my friend ~

  7. This is a timely story for me because PACO is not very well and I know I am going to have to retire him. Been saving for a Mac but they are ridiculously expensive so will go for the best pc I can afford.

    So glad that you are up and running again.

  8. M.Kate....hi there. I pray you are having a blessed week. I look forward to visiting soon.

    Joni...Funny huh? When blogger first did that new feature I thought it was sort of silly. Now though I am so grateful.
    I am glad you got the DVD and enjoyed it.
    You are such a blessing!

    Moannie...So sorry you are still wrestling with PACO. How is it that these things get away with so much? Sometimes I wish I could just give it a spanking to put it all back inline. Oh boy that would be so regretable though.

  9. Jules, you made me laugh so hard.. I cant stop laughing at the picture you posted.. Lv that picture...

    Bless you

  10. We're still waiting our dear Jules!!!


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