Friday, June 12, 2009

In The Land of Growing Up.....

Pippin got her license yesterday!
Look at that smile.
She just got back from her first "alone" drive.
I was completely fine and calm until she left....and then all those motherly fears and dramatic scenarios went through my mind.
We have a busy weekend of packing to do and then she heads out Monday for a summer job at the beach. Good golly don't we all wish we could say, "I worked at the beach all summer."?
She will be staying with our dear friends that live in Cannon Beach and CBCC keeps their young adult summer staff busy with tasks so she will be pretty occupied most of the time.
We have plans for her to come home once in July and once in August for a couple of days. Aside from that......she will be living her own life and seeking what God has in store for her.
Am I okay with it? I will miss her like crazy but I know that this is the next step for her.


  1. It's hard to let go, but you're right, you have to. Otherwise, it's even harder to keep them.

    You did a great job, Mom -- now watch her soar!

  2. Oh, it would break my heart...but you do what you gotta do when it's time, right? You are a terrific Mom...and Pippin is a doll!!! Congrats to her on the license!!! ~Janine XO

  3. I know chnages are hard in life but if it makes others happy than you are happy with them... She looks so cool with the licence pic

  4. Well done Pippin - wow, she shares your beautiful eyes!

  5. One more step away, eh? But you have to let them go so that they can come back. Bless her, look at the light in those eyes.

  6. Exciting and scary and I have a feeling my own are too close to that "some day soon" moment.

  7. Quilly and Janine....thank you. I have seen her mature so much in these past couple of weeks with getting out of school and finishing the drive requirements.

    Sunshine and Mickle....thank you. We get told al lthe time that the family resemblance is strong. The other day two different people called her a "mini me".

    Moannie....letting go of the boys was so much easier. Why is that?

    Christopher....good to see you back. I must go visit.
    I thought you children were a bit younger.....but then again I imagine even at 3 years old I remember the time going by all too fast. She still does things today that make me see a flsh of that little toddler girl inside and I wonder how it all happened so quickly.

  8. Oh Jules, we'll always have motherly fears..congrats Pippin :)


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