Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moments In My Day.....

Little baby Kekoa is running out of his dog food and my membership at Costco is currently expired. So I thought, "Lord what should I do? I don't want to change his food." In my head I heard, "Call Rose".
So I sent my friend a text message 'r u going 2 b going 2 costco in the next few days?'
She called me a minute later. "I am here right now. What can I get you?"

That is called a God kiss. It is those little moments that we can so easily chalk up to coincidence.


I went up to the big town hospital today to visit a dear friend. We went to high school together and were such chummy friends that people were shocked when we happily married other people.
He phoned last week. We touch base every 6 months to 2 years. "Hey Julie. It's me. I just wanted to let you know I have cancer."
Wow that was a shock. For a second I thought it was his fun quirky sense of humor. But no he was serious.

But things are going great! His doctor is amazed at his rapid recovery after an 8 hour procedure to take out the right side of his jaw bone and replace it with part of his fibula.

How in the world could he be talking and walking so quickly? It is all because of God.


ok this is not a testimony but it happened to me none the less and I am in shock.

Living in Portland is an interesting thing. I love the beauty, the mountain range, the green all around, the elbow room....because I don't live downtown. Downtown has its unique flair and I usually purpose to avoid it whenever possible. But going to the big hospital meant that I came face to face with it today.

As I was leaving the hospital and pulled out onto the main road (at 3pm with the daylight as bright as can be) my car became surrounded by no less than 50 bicyclists. Portland is know for being progressive about outdoor recreation but these bikers were different.

I looked in my mirror at the leader and thought, "He doesn't have a shirt on.....wait I don't think he has pants on. Oh Lord please tell me that is a speedo!"

As if he could hear my thoughts.......that biker stood up on his me the revelation to me that he AND his 50 friends were stark naked!
Men and women were clustered together casually riding their bikes and enjoying the group bike ride.

Where were the police?
Isn't that against the law?
Good golly I have no idea. I was in shock.....and I think I still am.
I don't think I am going down town anymore.


  1. I've heard of critical mass before, but never the type without the "M".


  2. LOL! Gotta love Oregon. The folks there really know how to celebrate nature.

  3. Gay Pride Weekend in Portland, I think.

    Portland is a unique place...

  4. Jeff....I can always count on you for a punchline.
    I thought it would have bee nso fun if we ended up visiting at the hospital at the same time yesterday. Then we could have said "nice to meet you" face to face.

    Quilly...That is a new version of tree hugging for me. I guess they aren't satisfied with Rooster Rock anymore. that what that was all about? Portland is unique indeed but I think I will stick to the countryside.

  5. Oh Jules, ouch - I'm thinking chaffing and blisters!

    Great to learn Kekoa too is being looked after from above.

    I must have a good search for my camera. I've very carefully "put it somewhere" and I want to get a shot or two of Zebbycat with his shorn tummy. The dear darling lad looks so funny!

    Sending healing thoughts to your dear friend, and love to you,

    Michelle xxx

    (Zebbycat snuggled down in his quilt to keep his bare tum warm)

  6. Jules, sometime in life so many things happens and you feel so connected to each other doesnt matter if you are far from them... Sending quick recovery for your friend...


  7. Oh my...on the cyclists, that's about all I can come up with on that one, but for the God kisses...I love when that happens and it's uncanny how it happens so often...we do have an amazing and providing God!

    Blessings to you dear friend ~

  8. Mickles....oh the blisters and chaffing, I never even thought of that. I just envisioned sticking to the vinyl of the bike seat.

    Sabi...thank you so much. My friend was able to leave the hospital yesterday and go home to be with his wife and children. Wonderdful!

    Joni...I can just envision you shaking your head with that "oh my".
    I want to sit and share tonight but am tired after getting Pippin settled in at the beach. Will jump online for visiting tomorrow.
    Blessings to you my friend.

  9. I hope you put your hands over your eyes.He He He .but you didn't you were driving.Pod.


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