Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pippin Is Set Up and Kekoa Loves the Beach.....

Puddin' and I got home from the beach last night after getting Pippin all set up. It felt very strange and not real to leave her there. We will be taking the youth group out this weekend to play in the sand so it only feels like I have left her for a few days of friendly visiting.

Our friends have set up a wonderful place for her to live in their home. She has been lavished with so much care and affection in their preparations. I know it will be a memorable summer for her. Pippin's orientation begins today and then she is on the work schedule after that. I think she is looking forward to getting busy.

While Pippin was getting introduced to some of her co-workers, I decided to introduce Kekoa to the sand and surf of the Oregon coast. Oh my goodness that little boy got busy. He chased the sand that his paws kicked up, tormented the seagulls, and made friends with every dog and person on the beach. The waves were slightly intimidating to him but he went nuts running around in the waters of the inlet.

He was so covered in sand and seaweed by the time I said we needed to take a rest. I washed him down in our friend's front yard with the water hose and he loved every second of that too.
As if I don't spoil him enough, he loved walking around town and visiting with everyone we met. Cannon Beach is one of the most dog friendly places I have ever been to. Just about every store owner has a special water dish or doggie treat set up for the furry visitors. Children tackle dogs on the sidewalk in big bear hugs and grown ups ooh and aah at one another's fuzzy friends.
I guess he likes the beach as much as I do now.

Before we left, Hubby surprised me with buying a 24' retractable leash for Kekoa. I was so grateful for it. I think Kekoa was too. Once he felt that strange new feeling of sand in between his toes he just couldn't help himself.


  1. My niece just posted pics of her visit to Cannon Beach. i wonder if she is one of the people Keoka greeted?!

  2. How quickly they change, so grown up already and it has only been a few weeks. Milou has one of those retractable leashes and they are fine as long as you stick to the rules...when on a short length he has to walk by tugging or I roll him in.

    Love the pics.

  3. So cute! Isn't it fun to introduce pets to new things/places? Sounds like a nice trip to the beach and a turn of the page for Pippin...sigh, they grow up too fast! (both kids and dogs!)

  4. What a cutie!

    CBCC will be a great place for your girl to work this summer.

  5. Dearest Jules, I shall miss you so very much, and will be back as soon as I the meantime, I may very well lurk in the shadows..."haunting" your blog, so to speak...How can I miss your inspirational thoughts? And how could I do without my dose of Kekoa? You are a wonderful friend, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind, thoughtful words...Sending love to you and yours, my dear friend~Janine XO

  6. Quilly..I wonder indeed. That would be fun to find out. too. I am big on the whole obeying thing on the leash. I don't plan on using the retractable all the time. When we go on an exercise walk around the block he gets the short one and has to stay by my left side.

    Joni....we are headed back there on Saturday for a day of youth group fun. Pippin is so excited to see everyone. She called me during our youth meeting last night just so she could hear everyone nad say good night.

    Willow....have you been there before? It is a nice place and I know she will end up with great summer memories. make me smile dear one. Blessings to you.

  7. Hi Sis Had the Dvd thanks. but couldn't get it to work on my pc.friend is going to try it on her's.Glad all is going well.pippin settling in.Kekoa giving you both the run about.cut out 1/2pound of steak a day plus those lamb chops.i see he is now doing the acounts with his glass's on. will try and send a photo of a friend in church who's westies as his glass's on . Love to all.Please pray for a team from North Caralina who are over working in the school's here,taking the class's for a day. plus speaking in church's around and about.Again Love to all and the boss?

  8. Hi Jules. Love the puppy at the beach photos. Hope all goes well for your daughter during the exciting for her! Hope you get to visit often!

    Seems a while since I caught up here. Daughter and baby had the flu in NY, had baby's first birthday and party, now I am at home...very sad, strange. But wonderful memories, and such fun to see baby grow from a 9 month old to a 12 month toddler...he took his first steps the day before his party! What a neat party trick!

    (Awake in the night with jet lag)!

    Brought the rain back from NY with me! It hasn't stopped raining since I got back, so unseasonal, but wonderful to help fill the dams after such a long and terrible drought! NO tennis today I think!

  9. Sun sea and sand, Jules - a bit warmer than our winter here!

  10. Hi Jules,
    Stop in and there will be a little token for you.

  11. Pippin is in and very caring good hands. She will be well looked after so she can then pass on caring goodness and encouragement to others.

    See what great parents you are!

    I'm feeling a little less sucessful - Zeb is sitting behind me and clawing at my polar fleece jacket for attention. Ah - he's given up and wandered off, it is perfectly safe in the kitchen for his late night tummy top up.

    I do wonder about his past that he is sometimes so wary and tentative.

    Then I get woken with a wack in the face, so I know he really does feel secure here and with me. Our mutual adoption of each other was meant to be.

    care to you all, Michelle xxx


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