Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back At The Beach.....

Last weekend we took the youth group to visit Pippin at the coast. We had such a great time. The weather was perfect with a bit of clouds and breeze. There were only a few sprinkles throughout the day so everyone enjoyed the sand, beach combing, and shop browsing.

As soon as we got there and set up camp, everyone ran to the shoreline to get full of sand. A couple of people in the group are avid sand sculptors so they showed off their talents with these creations......

What day at the beach would be complete without burying your friends in the sand? These two guys were in a hole deep enough that they were standing in it! Then they had a race to see who could get out first....unassisted!

It was a group effort to dig this hole. These 6 people are sitting down in a hole that was shaped like the seating of a hot tub. See the cutie second in from the left? That is my Puddin'.

We were able to spend a full day with Pippin because she had the fortune of being off work that day. How perfect! When it was time to leave, it was so hard to say goodbye. Up until that point her stay there had felt not real because she knew we would be visiting with the youth group. But now, I don't have a projected return visit on the calendar.

Praise God we live in the 21st century with cell phone technology. I talk to her at least twice a day (usually she initiates the call) and we text back and forth throughout the day with comments and pictures of stuff in general.


What else has been keeping me busy?

Well, it is that time of year where I am preparing all of the lesson plans for children's ministry. I just went to the copy store day before yesterday and ran off some 704 copies of things needed for my faithful teachers. That covers all the lesson between now and the end of December. Now everything is organized and filed, schedule assignments are ready for the next two months and I will pass out all of the new lesson plans this weekend.

I am desperately trying to really think things through and make sure all is in place because this time next week I will be returning home from a surgery and I am told it will take me a while to recuperate. It is not that no one else can do what I do. It is just that I tend to multi-task quite a bit and I wouldn't dare ask any one person to take over all of those things single handed. (I know...not very fair the way I threw the surgery thing in there. Sorry about that.)

Is it major surgery....yes. Is it life Will I be better off once I have re-couped....definitely.

I am told that I will be in the hospital overnight and then I will want to sleep a lot the first couple of weeks. Re-coup time is projected to be 4-6 weeks. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that because I am not one for sitting still or letting others do things that I am capable of doing myself.

So I wanted you to know that because....
a) your prayers are always coveted
b) if I am not in the writing world for a bit you know why


There has been tons of boy stuff going on here lately and I am getting quite skilled at sitting these young men down and firmly saying, "What are your intentions for my daughter?"
But after sharing that little tidbit, I will have to save the details for another time. Again not fair I know.


I just had to share these with you.
Usually when I return from the grocery store, I come bearing some sort of toy for little Kekoa.....because he obviously doesn't have enough toys.
The quality of the videos are not great because it is just my cell phone but I think you will get the idea of how this goofy little fuzz ball keeps me smiling.


  1. Dear Jules,

    it is hard to imagine, but please do rest up once you are home from your surgery. Give your body a good chance to heal and it will thank you.

    And hard as may feel to some one like our Jules who gives so much, it is time to accept and allow yourself to be given help. I know how hard this can be because I am appalling at it.

    I'll even dare to say - pamper yourself, and let the family spoil you. Sleep all you feel you need. It took me ages to accept my doctors were right when they advised bed rest.

    I'll be praying and sending healing thoughts, wellness thoughts in your direction.

    oh - laughter helps with healing heaps too, even if it sets off the odd twinge post-surgery. 10 days after having most of my large intestine removed I laughed so much at something that the sorest spot went numb!

    Sending huge, gentle, caring and loving Hugs,

    Michelle and Mr Zebby, xoxoxo and extra purry snuggles

  2. Sweet Kekoa - who knew a flavourless toy ice cream could be so much fun!

    The word verification is funny too - 'ectratic'

  3. Every good wish for a safe a speedy recovery from your surgery, Jules. Take it easy.

    Kekoa throws his toys in the air as does Milou, must be a Westie trait.

    Hugs, yes, gentle ones.

  4. I'll be praying. Take advantage of the down time to practice the disciple of solitude and silence. You will enjoy the special kind of praying that happens there, and it just might carry over to when you are well enough to be super-busy again.

  5. Rest, dear friend. We will welcome you back when you're up to blogging again. Blessings and prayers ... and thanks for your recent comment on my little dragonfly!

  6. Prayers for you Jules...

    (sleeping a lot for weeks...hope it isn't brain surgery)!

  7. Technology is definitely at its best. And Jules, my prayers are with so. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  8. Hi Jules. Glad to see Pippin as settle in.Dvd working great.Now you should be able to have that Rest after surgery. Who am i kidding.Will be praying for you.I see the bulldog as come to the fore.i bet those boy's were like jelo (jelly)? the lioness is doing her job.Good on you.Just take it easy.Love to you all.PODDY.

  9. that was a big surgery that you had. I can't imagine laughing that hard afterwards but then again you are always so joyful that I know something definitely made you smile.

    Moannie...these little Westie traits are so cute!I love how he tosses his head to the side and does Superman jumps off the furniture. are right. It will be the perfect time to get in some serious and quiet prayer time.

    Nan...Thank you so much. I receive it.

    Annie....brain surgery too funny. No actually (whispering....) I am having a hysterectomy.

    Mae....thank you. I am so grateful to live in this century with so much knoledge discovered.

    Alan....Glad your DVD is working now. Hope you are enjoying. Yes the boys were like Jello. One was actually visibly shaking and stuttering. You'd think maybe I really was a lion with that reaction.

  10. Please stop by and get your award.


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