Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coughing and Hacking......

Don't get too close to your computer screen. I wouldn't want to breathe my cold germs on you. It has been a week and a half now and I am so ready for it to be gone. Last week Sunday I felt that faint familiar tickle in my throat. It is that torturous warning that comes right before I lose my voice. I do this twice a year and you'd think 'd be a pro at it by now. I always say, or whisper actually, that it must just be allergies from the seasons changing because my sinuses are fine, nose is fine, head is fine, no fever. I just lose my voice and everyone finds great sport in asking complicated questions so that they can hear my Chip and Dale answer.

I ended up seeing the doctor yesterday when the blisters became too much to bear. I didn't even know I had a fever but the clinic thermometer read 101 degrees. A strep test came back negative and the doctor proclaimed that is it just a strong virus to ride out. She gave me a huge bottle of cough syrup with codeine in it which brings me great relief. I just wish it tasted more like something decent instead of the lingering old rotten plastic taste that waifs around my mouth long after I swallow.

Funny how tastes can bring up pictures. It really does taste like that. Though why in the world my brain would associate it with decomposing plastic.....like I even know what that tastes like?

I am so grateful for my girls. They all have been pitching in around the house with chores and giving walks to lil' Kekoa boy. Last night they made a great batch of chicken noodle soup with occasional directions from me. Pippin and Rixxi have been driving Puddin' to and from school so that I don't have to be out in the weather. I am spoiled.

In the midst of all that, there are two events that I want to share here that happened recently to leave an indelible mark on my memory.

Event #1
Some dear friends of ours are expecting their second baby in a few months. Everything seemed to be going quite smooth and normal until a recent ultrasound brought up red flags for the doctors. During a routine ultrasound, it is always very easy to see a baby swallowing, filling his stomach with fluid and then emptying it. It is an important 24 hour cycle that happens during the pregnancy. The problem for our friends was that after several ultrasounds and specialists......their baby's tummy was not filling and barely functioning. The doctors said it was due to possibly a twist in the baby's throat or a blockage, both of which could be fixed with post delivery surgery. The other option was that of chromosomal default and that meant the possibility of their baby being born with severe handicaps.

As a church we began to pray hard for the healing of this little baby. He had already been given the name Micah which means "Who is like our God". We prayed for his tiny little cells and every ounce of his body to line up in perfect function and design. We prayed for him to be a proclamation of God's hand and purpose, to be a living testimony before he even breathes air.

A few days ago, the parents went in for another scheduled ultrasound and subsequent appointment with yet another specialist. But that appointment got canceled. It got canceled because the ultrasound showed little Micah swallowing happily and FILLING up his belly just like any other normal baby!
They have now been told that they can see regular doctors for the rest of the pregnancy and no more special appointments are needed.

God is so amazing!

Event #2
My second story is about lil' Kekoa, or as I sometimes refer to him....Mr. Fuzzy Butt.

He is now 9 months old. He brings us all so much joy on a daily basis. He lavishes everyone with kisses and makes sure that everyone has the same amount of ball throwing time. The goofball always has to have a chew toy close by to torment and interrogate. that is where this story begins.

Amongst his many toys that fill his personal basket, he has some knotted yarn ropes. One is large and measures about 12" while the other one was a left over from his baby puppy days and measured about 4". On Saturday he was having fun with the small one. He had it laying in the middle of the floor in perfect position so that he could do a GI Joe Commando recon on it and throw it up in the air in complete ambush over and over again. He was having so much fun and I smiled at his banter from my recliner. But then all of a sudden he stopped his play and looked at me with panic and fear on his little face. I didn't see the yarn toy anywhere. He had thrown the toy into the air and caught it perfectly to lodge down his throat.

Kekoa started pacing and moving his neck to and fro in odd gestures. He repeatedly climbed into my lap for comfort and then would get back down when it didn't help. I kept trying to pry open his jaws to see if I could pull out the toy but his muscles were locked. (Even though he is quite strong, I never knew that I couldn't over power him when necessary.)

All the things that I know to do intellectually went out the window. I couldn't think. My hubby had him outside hoping that walking around would stimulate his gag reflex while I started looking online for 24 hour vet services (like that would really help with his choking). We were both so scared.

Hubby was right though. The walking around was what he needed. It wasn't too long until they came in the house with that evil toy expelled from Kekoa's throat. Kekoa jumped into my arms and did his signature hug around my neck that first drew us together when he was 9 weeks old. He held onto me for well over an hour before I was able to put him down.

That same day I went thru all of his toys throwing out everything from his puppy days. It never occurred to me that they could cause trouble and be dangerous. Boy did I learn a lesson.
Praying you have a blessed and wonderful day.


  1. whew..that was a scare for you! So glad your little puppy is ok!

    Thank God for the miracle in that little baby's life in utero! And praise him for the help the girls have been for you!

    And please get over that awful throat soon! Do the doctors ever tell you not to try to talk..or it might damage your vocal chords? A friend of mine was told that once...so please be very careful!

    I sound like a mother, telling you what to do!


    I am up the range having fun with the grandchildren! Precious times!

  2. Phew! That was a close call. Thought you were going to tell us that he had a loose tooth...milou did that strange movement as his baby teeth came out.

  3. Oh, I'm so, so, so glad that Kekoa is okay!!!!!!! So happy for your friends, and their precious little one!!! Now, if we can get you to feeling better, there will be nothing but sunshine!!! Love to you, my dear friend! Janine XO

  4. First of all hope you are better.
    Secondly so pleased that the expected baby is doing normal things and thirdly, so pleased that the rope came out of the dogs throat. I know what to do if a child swallows something but id a dog does it ???????

    Nuts in May


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