Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mirror Lake ...take 2

Saturday the kids and I decided
that it was way past time for a hike;
an excursion of enjoying the beauty that God made all around us.
All of the other "stuff" beckoning for our time would still be here
when we got back and there was no harm in stopping for a few hours.
So up we drove to mile marker 51 on Hwy 26.
It marked the beginning of a fun hike to Mirror Lake.
Hubby and I had done this hike a couple of years ago and I really wanted
to share the secret find with the girls.
Even Kekoa was ready for an adventure.

We had so much fun laughing and talking along the way
with the friends that we brought with us.
We stopped to take pictures at bridges and rocks and
thought it was funny to find a patch of snow on the ground in mid May.

When we found a larger patch, Kekoa thought it was way "cool".
I guess he had gotten himself over heated from all the
hiking and climbing in the 72 degree weather.
We were all grateful that we had summer type clothing on and
I think we secretly wished we could all slide and romp
in our own patch of snow to cool off.

Here is Pippin enjoying her lunch and giving me
her perfectly contented cheesy smile.

And a shot of Puddin' overlooking an old rock slide area that had been

cleared out for a hiking path.

When we finally reached our goal 3 miles later,
Mt. Hood did not disappoint us with it's spectacular view.
It was breath more ways than one.

It simply never occurred to me that we would be walking in snow
that was at times waist high as we circled the lake.
I know, you'd of thought I had more foresight in my planning and logic.
See the lake? It is slush filled.
In another month people will be swimming in it
and scooping crawdads out by the bucket load.

It was such a great day.
The kids had snow ball fights and laughed
until their sides hurt.
I am so grateful for the break, the breath, and the beauty.
God You are amazing!


  1. and this is an amazing post....the smiles of their faces worth it alone!

    saz x

  2. So beautiful! Truly a breath of fresh air in the midst of all of your difficult days! I'm so glad! Love you! Janine XO

  3. What a lovely day that must have been and the pictures mirror it. Dear kekoa is a darling, makes Milou look like an old man, which I suppose he is at eight years old.

  4. Just stopping by to see my friend...and wondering how you are are in my prayers daily...and I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you!


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