Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Things....

It is so funny the many times I have sat down over the past few days to start typing this post and never gotten farther than 2 sentences because of other pressing matters needing my attention.

For example: this last week (and for a few more days) we are caring for a friend's 2 little girl dogs while they attend to a family emergency. They are sweet bundles of fuzziness to have around. But having all 4 dogs here volleying for my attention as they affirm to themselves they are indeed loved is tiring. I find myself appreciating all the more the strength and patience God gave me in taking care of Daddy and his 5 dogs for all those months.

Then having the 4 dogs volley for my attention while I care for little miss chatter-box-waddle-butt as she cruises all over the house in never ending energy....yes our home is never dull.  I have been teaching her to say, "nooooo bark nooooo bark" whenever the dogs get vocal. It gives her a way to channel her energy when their loud noises startle her. Then yesterday she walked up to Kekoa and said, "good girl sit pretty". She felt very proud of herself for that one as she teetered off and around the next corner of discovery.

A couple of days ago my sister-in-law's car broke down and needed to be towed for some serious transmission work. My brother and sister-in-law live about a half hour away from me and strategically tag team in bringing Angel-girl to and from my house for daycare. The thought of having to share a vehicle for that tag teaming sort of made everything a bit overwhelming for them and we decided to have the baby sleep at our house. 

Oh goodness that brought back such memories for me. I had forgotten what it was like to have a crib next to my bed with sleepy dreaming noises and needing assuring hugs in the middle of the night.  She was such a joy though and we had a blast playing and cruising and discovering and tackling just anything that a 16 month old can find amusing and get into. And I must say that I am so grateful that Pippin was not working that day for she became my faithful extra hands, eyes and energy until daycare was finished.

Here is Angel-girl after our first outing adventure since I have started caring for her.

With all of my attention being divided you may be wondering how my new eating adventure is going. I actually am doing really well and have been successful....for a whole 4 days now. While I laugh at the thought of it starting only 4 days ago I must remind myself that all adventures have a starting point.  But I have decided not to bore you with my food tales here and have opted to start a secondary blog. I have aptly named it My Incredible Journey of Healthy Eating. The name alone is a mouth full right?  For whatever reasons, I am feeling compelled to do thing food thing for now and document my progress every evening as the day comes to a close. Somehow blogging what I am doing and experiencing keeps me so much more accountable. You are welcome to stop by anytime you like.

For now, I pray that you are feeling blessed and cherished. It is true you know. This busy world wants to trick you into not believing it but it is true. You were made an original with a plan and purpose like no other.

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