Friday, January 28, 2011

Stick Shift 101....

Today was so much fun! Puddin' had the day off of school so we did 'girl' stuff all afternoon.  Her biggest desire of the day was for me to give her a lesson in driving my new car. She has had her permit for a few months now but today was different. Today was focused on 'How To Drive a Stick Shift'.  It was fun. It was crazy. It was laughable. My neck is a little sore tonight from all of our jerky starts and stops as she learned to feel the see-saw balance between clutch and accelerator. But it was a good day and I am glad we did it.

For now, it is late and I must get to bed. I will share more later.
Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!


  1. Hello Jules
    There's a thing called patience thats needed when our young learn to drive - Catherine didn't have it so never went out with the learners of the household. I left it up to those who are more gifted lol
    Thank you so much for all your recent comments at Still Waters - you certainly put time and effort into them and all I can say again is Thank You
    I really have enjoyed reading your latest posts especially the ones where you have spent the day with your delightful Angel- girl. She looks like a little cherub and seems to be just the thing to keep you occupied.
    Are you finding that as one door has opened quite soon after another was closed there have also been changes in your emotions. Stressed yes, with the responsibilities of childminding your little Angel but with a weight having been lifted now there isn't all that responsibility to your Dad in his later life.
    Had a little look at your 2nd blog the other day but didn't comment Good luck with the weight issues - I'm in the same boat as they say
    Take care

  2. Sorry that was so long - I didn't mean to ramble like that

  3. Great to catch up here with you Jules. Thanks for your continuing visits, comments and blessings as you visit my blog posts.

    Hope the driving for your daughter goes well. That your brother's car gets fixed properly, and that your new diet goes well. I will have to check in on that blog, and see if I can't make it as part of my week as well, eating healthy foods. Great idea!

    As you might have gathered i am visiting the grandchildren in Melbourne again. Out of the flood zone and into the HEAT. Whew. Luckily it will cool down tonight and tomorrow.

    And yes, you are so right about encouraging people and calling them by name!


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