Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Furniture Story....

 I have to laugh. There are so many times when I see something I just "gotta wanna have to buy" but I don't have the funds for it. Then later I find that it isn't quite as nice as I first thought, or as in this case, I get it for less money than I would have paid in the first place.

Last month when I started caring for Angel-girl and collecting toys to have here at the house, I decided I wanted a certain piece of furniture from Ikea to place her toys in. It was my personal way of being efficiently organized with her belongings without making my house feel like a day care. Not that she will keep her things organized but it helps me mentally feel better for some silly reason.

The thing that I wanted was $70 brand new. I didn't have it. So I waited. I looked at Craig's List almost daily and occasionally found the model but not the oak color I wanted. Then a couple of weeks ago I took our oldest daughter shopping at Ikea while there were visiting from Spokane for the weekend. There was the unit and color I wanted in their scratch and dent section for $52. I was super excited and called Hubby. But he nixed the idea after all of our other January spendings.

I grumbled to myself as I wanted to not understand but relented to being a grown up.
This past Saturday I went to look around, with baby sitting money in my pocket, and found that the model and only the oak color I wanted was on discontinue clearance for $49. I blushed. I laughed. I thanked God for being so patient with me. I called my daughter to share my excitement (over silly furniture I know) and then I grabbed a cart to load up my prize.

Here it is all fixed up in my house. 
Puddin' and I had fun putting it together this morning.

 And I had to laugh when I opened the instruction manual.
It is all in pictures so that there is no language barrier. 
The before you get started page really got me.....

 I interpret it to say, 
"Don't try to assemble this by yourself. 
You will be sad and might not be able to figure it out.
Doing projects with a friend is always more fun. 
If neither one of you are smart enough to figure it out then you can call us for help."

I know, I am silly.

I still have other things I want to share. Hopefully I can do that this evening. But for now it is time for more girl errands. They seem to never end......but I love being with them.

Have a blessed and amazing day today!


  1. hahaha, I hate picture instructions! I have the hardest time interpreting what they are sharing!

    Love those God moments where a little wrench turns into a blessing.

  2. I laughed so hard at the picture instructions that my hubby had to come over & see what I was laughing at. Oh my, that is so funny! Just when I need a good laugh, one comes my way. Thanks for the fun.


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