Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Weekend of Things.....

 Saturday we attended a beautiful and tender wedding of some friends. I made this serving set as a present for them and wrapped them in a set of kitchen towels. My hope is that they are used in every day family dinners to spruce things up and make them feel special.

We had a crazy busy long weekend but it was full of fun and encouragement and new friendships. We had a big conference at church over the weekend and we hosted a 2 of the 19 guest speakers in our home. I will have to write about it later when I can gather my thoughts more.


In other news, last week my husband came home with news that had shaken him up pretty good from our doctor. He had gone in for a basic exam and came home with a medication for stage 2 hypertension. His blood pressure was through the roof. It really shook up his world and made him re-evaluate how he does things. We have been going through the house discussing his eating choices and how to adjust to a low sodium lifestyle. Because he is a runner, the exercise part of lifestyle changes is not too hard for him. His goal is to simply be more consistent.

Another thing he has opted to do of his own free will and desire (without any prodding from me) is to keep a daily blog journal of his health progress as he fights his blood pressure and prepares for the big Hood-2-Coast run in August. When you have opportunity to visit him, the encouragement would really make him smile.

It is so cute how he is loving blogging too.  Always in the past he would support me with my writing but pace around about me "always" being on the computer. Now he is calling me during the day and saying things about what he wants to write when he gets home from work.  He is learning quickly that it is quite an addictive habit.


 And then there was my first cello lesson. Goodness, 45 minutes goes by fast. I am having fun with practice and finding the feel for my positioning. I have been thinking about a name for my cello and I want to thank you for your suggestions. It has been good.  I didn't set out to think this way but the name of the woman I bought it from keeps coming to my mind. Her name is Carlotta. Whenever I think of the name Carlotta I envision a beautiful woman who has a flair for creativity and passion while pushing the barrier between what is normal and individually on the edge. For some reason that keeps speaking to me.....maybe because my goal is to use my cello in free unrestricted worship to God.

Okay, it is so very late and my eyes are fighting sleep desperately.
Be blessed and know without a doubt that you are loved with the amazing love of God that never ends.

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  1. Do hope your husband does well with his new healthy diet, and that his blood pressure will be down soon.

    That is so lovely for you to learn the cello. Wonderful sounds.

    and salad made them??

    Thanks for your prayer for my brother in law. he is a minister in the Pesbyterian church here in Queensland, so I know their faith will hold them fast. Just so hard when we are so far away. They were on a much anticipated cruise to celebrate a special anniversary. Now he is in hospital with blood clots in his lung.


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