Thursday, February 10, 2011

Music Is a Heavenly Sound....

This is my new cello!
I am so excited!

I bought it yesterday from a previous owner. I know it is not a high end super fancy one but I feel confident that she gave me a nice instrument for a fair price. I used a small portion of my inheritance and I feel that Daddy is smiling his excitement.

Oh my.....I just got this flash image of him dancing in heaven with that beautiful heavenly sound everywhere and I can be here making a reflection of that sound............

I begin my lessons with an instructor tomorrow but I couldn't wait that long. I jumped online this morning and found a "lessons 101" website to play around with. It is filled with all sorts of music theory which is great because sight reading has always been a downfall for me.

Aaahhhhhh!!!!! I am so excited!
But I must give attention to some other things today as well.
I had offered to head up a fundraiser for Puddin's advanced choir. They are touring in the spring to Disneyland (rough right?) and need to cover expenses. Today is the day to pick up products and disperse them to customers.  Also we have a conference going on at church this weekend and I am helping to organize host homes for the 18 out of state guest speakers coming.

How can I do everything? I am almost done with it so it is okay. 
Sadly, my brother had a bicycle accident over the weekend and broke his collar bone in 4 places. Consequently, my sister-in-law is off work caring for him and I miss out on having my Angel-girl to chatter with. That gives me a lot of time in the day to do what needs to be done.

How is my brother? He is doing really well. The doctor has his shoulder taped up and says there possibly won't be a need for surgery.  I went to see him yesterday and he really looks good. The swelling is down and I didn't see any discoloration or bruising. God was definitely with him. He didn't have a helmet on when he fell going downhill but there isn't a single scratch on him.

My brother just texted me and asked if I am going to name my cello. He says it is too beautiful an instrument to be called "it".  He is right. I was just pondering that same thought.  Hmmmm.....what to call it.....

"A rose by any other name....."

Blessings to you today!


  1. Your cello is beautiful How about naming her Rose? I bet you will make some beautiful, heavenly music with her.
    Glad your brother is OK.
    Have a great day!

  2. So when you learn how to play you want to teach me? lol lol
    I know how you get everything is because that is how God made you!!!! To do more in an hour than most of us can get done in day, is one of the qualities I have most admired about you.
    I am happy for you and your gift!

  3. Maybe follow along from your rose thought .... no hurry needed, then name the Cello after a particular rose that has meaning for you - where you are at right now or for a moment from the past, or even a hope for the future.

    The Cello has a warm friendly sound, even when played by a beginner. You don't believe me? try your loving family on beginner violin or saxophone!

    My dear folks had survived Mickle learning clarinet so the move to alto saxophone wasn't too shattering.

    I really felt it for your brother over his acident, yet maybe it was some kind of a message - wear your protective gear (especially the helmet - please Jules' brother), allow yourself to heal with your wonderful wife and daugther. Build up your strength....

    Coz Jules is about to play her cello!!!!! (Just kidding, hope my dry sense of humour isn't too much for you).

    Zebby is gently snore/snoozling. I best join him before he uses up all of tonight's ration of sleep from our bed.

    Sending care and love, and loving care,
    Michelle xxxxxx

  4. What a beautiful instrument.
    I can't wait to hear about your lessons and your progress.
    Good for you taking up this instrument.

    Sorry to hear of your brothers accident and hope he feels much better soon & that the collar bone heals very fast.

    As for a name....... how about *Mellow* because that is what it will sound like and it rhymes with cello.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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