Sunday, February 6, 2011

Celebrating Birthday and Love.....

Yesterday we hosted a surprise birthday party for my Nana. She is now 85 years young. Doesn't she look amazing? My parents told her they were taking her out for the day but needed to stop at my house and deliver something. Delivering her as the guest honor was the real motive and she was so surprised at the houseful of people greeting her.

Family and friends socialized over the buffet table and told stories while laughing and snapping pictures. It was a good day and I think everyone was blessed at being able to get together.

It was also an opportunity for Icca Chou to meet more of my family and get settled into being a part of our family with all the fun and craziness we offer.  I introduced her to extended cousins as one of my heart adopted daughters that lives with us and everyone welcomed her with open arms.  

Later one of my cousins pulled me aside and wanted to know more of her personal history and if her parents are around at all. I tried to be tactful and gracious in answering the question because I didn't think it really mattered and it is not my story to tell.  Icca Chou supported herself through high school and graduated. Now she works 40 hours a week and goes to college full time and we have the privilege of having her in our home as an every day blessing while she works towards achieving her goals.

But before I could think of anything to really say my cousin continued with, "I ask because I see something so special about her. She watches everything you do and the look in her eyes is filled with admiration and love for you. She has been looking around at everyone here at the party and it is like she is drinking it all in with happiness. I am so overwhelmed with feeling the fact that she so completely loves you and is proud of you and looks at you like a mom. I just wanna have a camera so I can freeze her look in my heart because it touches me so deeply."
I was absolutely blown away and it made me want to cry right then and there.

I love each one that comes through our door. So long ago when Hubby and I were starting our family my heart was full for so many children to love and cherish. It never occurred to me that my heart desires would be fulfilled by way of all the friends that our girls bring through the doors. We were just teasing this afternoon with someone about Pippin and Puddin' always inviting others over all the time or when they fill all the seats of my car with extras to go along with whatever adventure we are embarking. Then the girls will pull me aside and say, "Mom they need you to love on them." or "They need Mom advice."  

Most kids bring home stray pets. Mine bring home extra kids to love on. And I love every second of speaking into their lives and encouraging them into walking in their destinies.   

Thank You God for your love to share and your eyes to see.
I pray that you have a fantastically blessed day filled with God's goodness.


  1. I agree with Kelly are amazing. People can tell when you genuinely love them, it shows in you. I am so blessed to have connected with you. God bless you.

  2. So lovely to catch up with you Jules. It is wonderful that you can share a part of your journey with us. Thank encourage us to move deeply along with God also. May God go with you today and always.

  3. ps I have been in Melbourne visiting my son and family. Now he is in India at a conference. And I have to move on to be with my sister for a few days before heading home. It has been so lovely to be here with them all, before i make tracks to get to NYC for the birth of baby number two in 2 months time. I arrive there on 12th next month. Help, in one month's time. I have been so fortunate to have been invited to stay and look after the children when the mum's have been having their babies. Wonderful. Can't wait.


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