Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile....

These two beautiful tulips have sprung up the last couple of years on the side of my driveway. The thing is....I never planted them. None of my neighbors have anything that resembles these bright yellow orange blessings. Before we lived here, this land was grazing land for milking cows and that was more than 17 years ago so it is not like they were dormant for a season. All I know is that they make me stop and smile and find myself grateful for color and life.

These blossoms are from the Apple Blossom tree in our backyard. We had two of these trees side by side but Hubby cut one down last year because of the branches going over into the neighbor's yard. I had to laugh when I saw there are new branches sprouting in defiance. The thing about these trees is that they are hybrid grafted to be non fruit bearing blossom trees. Despite that, every year we have shiny apples in our backyard.

Sweet little Conguito is always trying to get in the middle of something just to make sure he gets maximum exposure opportunities for getting loved on.....and who could resist that face?

My amazing Kekoa....while it is hard for him to be photogenic much of the time, he makes up for it by constantly making sure I am protected, I have a warm lap and a wet face full of special kisses.

Pippin is always grabbing my camera when I am not looking. She snaps these self portraits for me to find later and laugh at.

Puddin' who is awesomely inspiring as she pushes through her intense schedule of school and music and still has a smile on her face and heart.

 My sweet little Angel-girl, full of energy, smiles, questions and joy.

Oh-oh, I don't have a current picture of Hubby. Sadness. I will have to work on that.
There are many other things that make me smile but more pictures must be taken because each day holds opportunity for joy and love.

Blessings to you today.

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  1. Lovely post, Jules. I smiled today when I saw the plant which has been 'coming up' for the past two years has finally flowered, only two buds but they are beautiful pink peonies.

    I smiled at your lovely family and those ADORABLE pups.


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