Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 I couldn't decide which photos to share so I picked my top 3 to post here. These stargazer lilies were given to me Sunday night by Icca Chou and her beau.....just because. I absolutely love their smell. As I sit here typing away at various tasks, I keep stopping to look up at their beauty just beyond my laptop.

 For some reason, that I haven't taken the time to ponder and figure, the depth of these lilies remind me of something I did a couple of days ago. I was running errands in Wal-Mart and made myself do something. I purposed to walk in all of the places that would conjure memories of being in Texas with Daddy. Then as each wave hit, I made myself walk slow....breathe.....and told myself out loud that this is a different time and I am safe and I am fine. I made myself take in the differences all around......smells, sounds, accents.
I feel that I accomplished something that day.

 Thank You God for your beauty and encouragement.


  1. Beautiful! I love lillies. It's nice that you accomplished something on your memory mission. I still see my Dad in so many things - especially this time of year when things are blooming - he was an avid flower gardener. May the days ahead continue to bring healing.

  2. Wonderful photos!These are looking so nice.Thanks


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