Monday, June 6, 2011

Basking, A Song of God's Love

 The warmer weather is teasing us here in the NW. Yesterday it was so warm that Hubby pulled the window units out of storage. Now today it is 60 degrees again and the threat of rain looms overhead for the afternoon plans. That is okay though. I love it all.

I want to share this video below. It is my Puddin'-girl performing at her school's spring choir concert. Hard to tell in the video what she is holding but, it is her ukulele that she bought 2 months ago and taught herself to play. After playing for 2 weeks, she came out of her room with this song; a song she wrote for God. I can't help it.....I am ever so proud of her.

 I pray this blesses your day.


  1. Oh my! How proud you must be of her! You definitely blessed my day with posting this.

  2. What a talented young lady you have Jules - no wonder you wanted to tell about her.
    How are things with you these days?
    Take care


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