Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Having Park Fun.....

 This morning Pippin and I took Angel-girl to the park. So much fun! And let me tell you how grateful I am that Pippin was free and not working this morning. Goodness I just can't follow that little girl around into all those nooks and crannies at the park like I did 20 years ago with my own girls.

Here are some highlights of the morning...

Angel-girl is fixated with flowers....or as she currently calls them "fowlers". Any small petal type of plant coming out of the ground that has color is fair game for her interrogation of plucking, smelling, showing and dissecting.

As fast as her little legs could take her, she was all over the park with smiles and squeals and curiosity pouring from her fingertips.

I think this picture is one of the most precious. It symbolizes to me how our little treasures grow and change so quickly to take on the world with independence and joy.

"Hi Auntie" she said as she peeked through the opening and navigated the moving stairs.
Goodness she is changing so quickly. Up and down those stair she went with ease and no help. And that particular set of jungle gym exercise freedom was a set of 6 free floating steps that moved individually from side to side. She was quite proud of herself.

 Can you hear her?
"Fowler Auntie.....Lellow Fowler".

That statement was of course followed by a funny nose sniff sniff....

Thank You God for Your beauty and grace, for Your treasured times and creation. Thank You for making colors and smells just to intrigue us and make us smile as we discover and enjoy.


  1. To see the excitement in a child's face as they explore new things makes me feel like a kid again. Children are our blessings from God.

  2. She is JUST beautiful, Jules!! Talk about a blessing!!


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