Thursday, May 24, 2007

Churning and Boiling......

My hot red-headed temper is flaring, or is it the portuguese in me?

It is so wrong of Hollywood to portray all of these movies about the hard-luck kid who grew up without chances. They start out in a situation of self-pity and down-and-out-luck when a situation comes along that causes them to toally re-think their life in the short span of an hour and a half. They do a complete turn around, change their character, become grateful, and so humble that they teach those around them a thing or two about perseverance.

Am I mad at them for creating that falsehood or mad at myself for a part of me wanting to believe it to be a small possibility? Is it just that it is hard to swallow lies and manipulation after I have been so transparent and sacrificing or is it pride in not being able to bear failure in anything, telling me the "if only I would have tried this avenue...."?

It is times like these when I want to ignore the idea and importance of grace and just punch and verbally tear apart.
But..........I always choose right. God always makes me flash to wearing a person's shoes before I do damage..................

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