Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My House....

Nothing amazing to write or read here today. Just wanted to take a minute and sit with my thoughts online. Sitting here makes me get out of auto-mode and look beyond my "to do list".
I feel like August is getting out of control and it really doesn't start until tomorrow. I am not complaining in the least. I am just not ready to start thinking about school along with all of our other activities slated.

This week holds adventures galore for me......
-the girls are having 2 sleepovers
-providing care for various friends' young children
-youth car wash
-turn and burn to the beach
-teaching over the weekend
-then all of the usual household and office admin. responsibilities

I love it all. Seeing the beach will be great and cause a smile and big sigh to envelop me.

After that things go into high gear with.....
-school planning
-various meetings
-TIP training
-painting (no it is not mandatory for me to paint the rest of the house. It is just something that will help me feel orderly)
-bridal shower
-baby shower

I do want to make mention that I had a great day on Sunday. My mom and I put together a huge dinner to celebrate my dad. (After being laid off the last several months, he was able to get hired on at a small airline at the airport. Praise God! What a relief that is.) So, I made lumpia while my mom fired up the grill for a combination of bbq wings and bratwurst.
It was so great to sit and visit and laugh with my family. My mom and cousin "lani-girl" always make tears roll down my face as my sides hurt from laughing so hard.

Well how about that.....I didn't think I had anything worth writing today. The above words won't really mean anything to anyone else, but I can now use this to look back and smile as I say, "oh yes I remember that day. That was the day I sat down at the computer frustrated and weighed down but finished with a smile of fond memories and encouragement."

Thank you God for always being an encourager.

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