Friday, September 7, 2007

Can You Eat Just One?.....

I drive by Krispy Kreme so many times during the week and can almost always say no to that big round red light shining it's temptations.

Then there are other days....maybe a half dozen in this last year.....when I take on the challenge that becons my senses and weakens my will. I tell myself, "I'll just go in for the free doughnut. They give them away and don't demand that a person buys more. I can be strong."

But see, that is the ploy. Everytime I tell myself I can be just strong enough, that hot fresh doughnut melts in my mouth. They bank on it and that is why they run business the way they do. They count on people like myself to fall prey....a victim of sensory blissful overload.

"I'll take a dozen please", I say as I wipe the remnants of warm and gooey icing from the edges of my lips.

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  1. I love you! I love that you are human too! I had my very first and only Krispy Kreme donut with you. Your dear friend and partner in crime, WoW!


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