Saturday, October 20, 2007


It is Saturday evening and it already feels like a LONG weekend....

By spiritual and original design, man was first created to be in a flawless image. But, temptations came and free will brought about a change to imperfection. That imperfection caused a need for us all to learn (and keep on learning) about unconditional love in relationships. Throughout the pages of history, many have tried to model that unconditional love but only one man succeeded in providing a real and true example.

That is the dilemma I find myself in right now. Relationships can be so very hard and complicated. I believe we all truly desire to exhibit forgiveness and grace, but then that 'centered on self nature' battles away.

I find myself wondering this weekend, why I allow myself in these kinds of relationships? Why do I find myself in places where I must summon up the strength to speak up for myself or to leave all in battered misjudgement? Is it a driving force of acceptance that brings it all around me?
Or is it that I am the one being conditional and need to beg forgiveness?....

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