Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Somebody Stop The Puns.....

Last night at a meeting, we were discussing the big upcoming event....a harvest party for the youth group.

He said: Hey, let's do a "bob for ears of corn" area instead of "bob for apples".

I said: Cool! But let's make it like plastic ears instead of ears of corn."

He looked at me with a combination of smile and perplexity until I dropped the punchline.....

Me: That way we can make sure it is a really corny game.

okay let the groans roll.................


  1. Isn't it 'earie' how there can be so many corn puns?

  2. Ah shucks,did you say that with a husky vioce while wearing your silk jammies?

  3. Something about bobbing for anything kind of grosses me out.



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