Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last month, my mother-in-law gave me a big Costco sized bag of individually wrapped assorted Dove chocolates. With 8th grade science studies going on in "Rosie's" room and "Pippin" getting a piano lesson, I decided to open the bag and treat myself.
As I unwrapped the caramel sensation and began to pop it into my mouth to savor, I noticed a message on the inside of the wrapper.

Keep the promises you make to yourself.

Where did that come from? I fought the urge to look over my shoulder, thinking I was the focal point of a prank. Interesting. Quick deduction brought me to the conclusion that it was put there by the confectioner company. What an interesting statement to put on the inside of a chocolate. It must be a random thing they do as a selling technique.
With the sweet caramel taste a memory in my mouth, I opted to open a 63% extra dark square. It had a statement too.

Hearts that feel deeply, live richly.

There must be these little promise statements on the inside of each piece of candy. I love the statements and have to wonder how God uses things in the most unexpected places to speak to me.
On the other hand, I have to laugh. I figure the candy company used this as a marketing ploy to encourage consumers to savor the moment and enrich their lives.

Knowing me though, I will have to fight the urge to not open them by the handful just so I can know what each wrapper says.


  1. One you didn't open yet says you have a true talent to let very nice comments on blogfriends blog, merci Jules.

  2. Awe bless me. What a nice comment to wake up to. I am blushing and teary eyed at the same time.

  3. ... And all these years I thought the Law Of Life dictated that we must indeed open them by the handful!!!

  4. What a lovely idea, I haven't come across those, I do think that you have shown real restraint not to open more though!

    I have recently got myself hooked on one of the Haagan Daas icecreams called I think Double chocolate and cookies, and I have real problems with showing restraint once I have some in my hands!

    Thank you also for your kind comments, I hadn't got that far just to give up, but I'm sure that it had more to do with pig-headedness than anything else!

  5. Thank you for the beautiful comment you left on my site, saying that you really enjoy the Post of the Day honours that I publish each weekday.

    I do get a big kick out of showcasing the great work I see on other sites.

  6. If you need any help opening some more of them, just let me know. Always willing to help out a friend ya know.

  7. all your fun comments!...I wish I could just break open the bag and share.

  8. Ummmm, being your very best friend I think I should come over and help you open them ALL. You can read and I'll eat them. :) Yummy!!!
    I put my ski pic's up - stop by and check them out!

  9. Trek....hey! You eat and I read?! That is like "heads I win & tails you lose." Didn't your mom teach you to share and share alike?
    Come on over and I will share with you!
    And the ski pics look great!


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