Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jack Frost Nipping At Our Noses....

Here is a picture of the top of Mt Hood peaking through the clouds.

Our youth snow day was a huge success!

At first, our plans were to hike out into a wilderness area with all of our tubing and heater equipment to in essence, carve out a name for ourselves. However, 24 hours prior to departure, we opted for one of the local recreational facilities. After all, why re-invent the wheel? I am so glad we chose Plan B.

Leaders and youth alike had huge smiles on their faces throughout the whole day as they rode the tow rope up and slid all the way down. Friendly competition was the name of the game as each one tried a more zany way of tube riding form. The most sought after position was being able to ride "knee surfing" style with hands in the air. Wipe outs and giggles were inevitable. My brother had brought along a bag full of crazy hats and wigs to aid in the play. I must admit that at first I thought it sort of a silly idea. But here I am to admit I was completely wrong. The more goofy the youth could make their head gear the better. It became part of the sport to see if their ridiculous head dress could stay on their heads at higher speeds and bigger bumps. Then if it was lost on the course, the finder became the new victor.

Speaking of competition, I got out there quite a few times myself. I had been looking forward to the idea of snow play and figured that if I could do an 800 foot zip line then I could certainly handle the fun of snow tubes. Then the ever present voice of sacrificial motherhood started to creep into my head. I figured I would pay for my family to have fun and sacrifice my thrill for the sake of money. That was a short lived thought however when one 17 year old from our group said, "It's a good thing that they have heated tents out here because I just don't picture the grown ups being out in the snow very much."

Yeah...that was all it took for my stubborn self to over ride the mother martyr in me. As I rode the slopes, I laughed, giggled, bounced, and caught air with the best of them.

As I handled my 4WD back down the mountain, I looked in the rear view mirror at the 7 sleeping ones in my charge and thought this will definitely have to be a yearly trip.

A rare sighting of the illusive snow bunny!


  1. "Snow tubing!" You have expanded my world of knowledge, Jules. Being the Florida guy, I am certainly familiar with "tubing" down rivers, "tubing" whilst being towed by a ski-boat, "tube fishing", but had no idea about your version. It looks like a real hoot! And your immersion in the event and the telling of it made for a moment of total enjoyment. Thank you!

  2. John-Michael, I am glad you had fun. (wink wink) It is amazing what can be done with a piece of inflated tubing. The version I was most familiar with that you mentioned, tubing down a river, ahhh that makes for heavenly sighs of relaxation. But if you want to get the adrenaline pumping a bit, it is so much fun to throw a tube in front of you and take a running jump down an icy and sun sparkled slope.

  3. Oh my what FUN and I love that snow bunny - that's just CLEVER!

  4. You look like you had a great time, that's nice you enjoy yourself as much as the children. I don't know what is snow tubing, in fact I don't know anything about snow sports! and it's all right.

  5. Mamageek...welcome back! I look forward to reading about your vacation.
    Glad you like the snow bunny. It is impossible to have a group of 22 people in the snow for a day without some sort of sculptured creation happening.

    Kitem...good morning my friend! I ma so glad you came by for a visit. I imagine you would have no desire to play in the snow with all of the sun kissed beauty around you. If you ever get curious though, it is an easy sport that takes virtualy no skill.

  6. I'm another novice snow sports person, and had never heard of snow tubing, but it sounds brilliant! Glad that you all had a fantastic time.

  7. Lemme get this straight: a) an 800ft zipline and b) freezing temperatures?

    Lemme in there!

  8. You know, I used to have a spectacular view of Mt. Hood from my kitchen window. I lived in the Portland area for 7 years. Sadly, I never got to see the snow bunny in person. You are soooo lucky!

  9. Mima...glad you could share in the fun vicariously.

    David...the things we offer in the great NW, and yet there is even more. seems we have yet one more thing in common. Well I don't see the mt. out my kitchen window but I do see it every day.
    Sorry you missed the rare bunny sighting. One has t obe super quick to catch him.

  10. It is so fun to let our grown-up self take the day off once in a while and be a kid again.

    Sounds like you had a blast.

  11. Jeff...I did have a blast. Good thing nobody has pegged me for using the kids to have fun.

  12. I have linked you on my blog as:

    "Growing in Character and Strength"

    ('cause you should be shared)

  13. see now this is why snow exists. this i miss. not that i ever got to do a lot of it (we were trailer peeps). but now that i have the $$$, is there snow? no. ski slope three blocks away. no snow. i don't do slopes without snow. i don't know what that's about, i don't wanna know.

    but this sounds fun. fun fun fun.

  14. Dearest John Michael... What a wonderful surprise to wake to this morning. You bless me with a great honor.

    Holly...Welcome! I am so glad you came by. I see you are living abroad. Isn't it funny. To my way of thinking, YOU are the one having grand adventures.
    I think I will have fun looking around your blogs.


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