Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet Nothings...

It was a Sunday afternoon. We were walking the mall with our new friends and attempting to conquer every store there. It seemed as if every person in the city was shopping that afternoon. The kiosk agents knew it would be a lucrative day and were ready for anyone daring to pass within the vicinity of their turf. I had always gone out of my way to avoid those little shops on wheels, but this day proved to be very different.

I saw him looking my way with a smile and a hello ready to fall from his lips. "No way." I thought. "You are not going to sucker me into anything. I am stronger than that." I started my usual steering away process that had served me so well in times past.
He said, "Good afternoon. I was wondering if I could borrow a minute of your time and share something with you."

Not an unusual statement. It was polite and simple, but nothing amazing.
What grabbed my attention was his accent and voice. He spoke with a decidedly Hebrew accent, his voice soft but firm.
He wanted to show me wonderful products created with Dead Sea Minerals that would change my hands, nails, and life forever.

I could have walked away. I knew it was a sales pitch. But on that day I didn't walk away. I listened, I participated, and shamefully I purchased. I really did. I bought a kit for $25, a kit that contained mostly things I already owned.

Me, normally frugal and conservative, I don't even give my hands much thought, and here I was with a special kit.
How could I do such a thing? Was it the product? Not in the least. It was him.

He had asked if he could show me how the product worked. When I consented, he gently took my hand in his and slowly buffed, lotioned, and oiled the daily traumas out of my first nail. All the while that he performed his magic, his 6 foot 3 inch stature was positioned close to me so that he could speak softly into my ear, talking to me about the importance of caring for myself. He said I mattered and must remember to care for the inner and outer beauty that is me.

All the while this was happening, my brain was screaming at me on the inside, "You are being a Class A sucker! Walk away! It is a gimmick...a ploy! You are a smart girl and you certainly know better than this. He doesn't care about you. He cares about his sales. It probably isn't even a real accent....and WHY are you letting a stranger hold your hand you idiot!"

My emotions, caught up in the allure of the moment, betrayed me and refused to listen to the voice of reason. Even as I was agreeing with my mind and thoughts, my hand was reaching into my pruse to pay for my new products.

Every time I sit down to buff up my nails, I think about the above scenario. My thoughts vary from character learning to blushing to a bit of embarrassment to a small smile.

Okay, so I am out $25. At least I have great hands.

(note to self: Honorable mention of blog post of the day by David. Oh my goodness!)


  1. I hope that your hands appreciate what you have done for them. We all get taken once in a while, and sometimes we go along with it for the ride!

  2. I don't think you were scammed, your nails look great so the product is good and every women enjoys the touch of a 6' 3" man with an accent,,, well at least I do. :) What mall and kiosk were you at? ;)

  3. "To be read in whatever accent is appropriate"

    Jules, my fair haired beauty, A woman such as yourself should not deny herself the simple pleasures that this life has to offer. With that in mind I would like to let you have this beautiful swamp land for a mere handful of sheckles...


    Hey, for twenty-five bucks you got something to pamper yourself with, some good memories and a story to boot. Money well spent I say.

  4. hands are so much softer these days. I really do like the products.

    Trek...I'll have to show you when we get together next weekend. Sadly though, I haven't seen him since that day. There is always a lady there running the booth, and frankly what girl wants another girl to hold her hand and whisper to her about care? are so funny. I always love your comments.
    Really, I could buy some swamp land for my very own?!

  5. Your emotions most certainly did not "betray" you. They gave you a gift. One that your spirit (and indeed all of our spirits) yearned for. Your emotions served you well. And now, you have a keepsake from an experience in caring "for the inner and outer beauty that is" ... YOU.

  6. I have to `hand' it to you for sharing this story of your brief time with a gentle man.

    Sometimes we forget just how important it is to take time to care for ourselves.

    God bless


  7. Jules, thanks for your tip, I don't think we have Bohans here, but I do use cream every day. The new cream has arrived, along with some advice from the pharmacist who suggests that we use it until the sore has gone, then go back to the original cream as it is the best barrier cream on the market here! I honestly never thought before I got sick that I would end up discussing my bum so thoroughly with so many people!!

    How long did you do care work for? Did you enjoy it? Rose my relief carer is an old hand and seems to love it, but a few of the live-ins that we have had are definitely of a different mind set! To be fair though most of the carers that I have around me long term seem to really enjoy it, and are a pleasure to have here. I often ask Rose about what it feels like from the other side!!

  8. For $25.00 you received an excellent hand product, permission to indulge yourself, the memory of a sweet, romantic (yet safe) encounter with a handsome and exciting stranger, and a great blog story. Seems to me you came out way ahead.

  9. This is something I have done in a "virtual" way and resisted the urge to be "sensible" and allowed the emotion to just speak for itself; be "me".
    I don't think you were conned. I think it was what you needed then and you came out way ahead. Lovely memory. Lovely hands. And some time for YOU. And isn't it strange he isn't there any more? You're right - it would not be the same if it had been a woman doing your hands that day. It was a chance encounter meant for you that day! Sweet nothings indeed.
    Great post. Over from David's. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ok Jules, tell me you had one of those voice activated recorders so that when you are actually doing your hands (and you'll stop doing that when you're out of the stuff...heed my warning...don't) you can listen to the dulcet tones that enthralled you so that you "wasted" 25 bucks...wasted? No, I'd say it was 25 dollars well spent even with tax...and oh yes, David sent me

  11. Perhaps it wasn't the hand care lotion that you needed. Perhaps it was a minute of being cared for. Either way it sounds like you came out a winner.

  12. Ah yes, Dead Sea Minerals were at our malls as well. They had been open for about a year, but closed after Christmas. Hebrew accents and all, here, also!

  13. No malls/kiosks here in NYC .. tho I've seen these Dead Sea Minerals sold at street fairs .. the salespeople here had NewYawk accents .. I dont think I have ever heard a Hebrew accent .. gotta keep my ears open .. in any case you got a good post and a nice massage!

    David sent me

  14. oh my goodness, all of these wonderful people visiting me! I am so sorry I haven't been close to my computer for the past couple of days.

    John seem to always see thru me. You are right. It is a special keepsake for me.

    David...thank you so much for the special mention and honor. I wrote you special on your post.
    You are so funny with your pun. I love puns and I am learning you have quite a knack for them.

    Mima...How long did I do care work? Ummm, let me think. I worked in a handicap foster home thru high school, earned my CNA and did care home and hospital work for maybe three years after that. I did really enjoy it and I do miss it. But I don't think my back could handle certain aspects of the work anymore. I think that is why I enjoy doing things like TIP. I can still feel like I am making a difference for people.

  15. Quilly...Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by for a visit. You are right. It was a safe encounter and I certainly came out ahead. I never paid any attention to my hands until now.

    Crazycath...Greetings and welcome! I am glad you came by. I have secretly been enjoying getting to know you a bit already by your "conversations" with John-Michael.
    I do wonder why I don't see that man anymore...not that I am actually looking for him I mean. I will just accept that it was a special time for me. Honestly, no matter how secure we are in ourselves and how much our family and friends tell us we are special, it makes a person stop and do a double take when an outsider says it.

    Sandi....So glad you came by via David. Oh wouldn't that have been a good idea?! If only I had and we could all have a recording like that. idea....
    And a specail plus is that here in Oregon we don't pay tax on purchases!

    Gene...thank you for the visit and helping to put things in perspective for me. I think that no matter the age or gender, we all need those minutes every now and again.

    Hi there Mary...Thank you for coming by. Any more snow days for you? We took the youth up for a day of tubing on the mountain today. It was a blast.
    You've seen the products? Have you tried them? The lotion really is wonderful. And I don't even get anything for saying that.
    I bought the lavender.

    Daryl E....I am so glad you came by to visit. A real New Yorker huh? I flew thru the airport once but have never had opportunity to visit that way yet.
    So you've seen the stuff too? I gotta admit, hearing the sales pitch from a person who says they have lived there really makes it seem so much more authentic.

  16. Jules, you simply amaze me we are going to have to talk the next time we get together, I want to look at your hands.

  17. Hmmm...who is this smooth talking "anonymous" person? 'The next time we get together'?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  18. No more snow days for us...earlier this week it was near 70 degrees which melted it all. It's been in the 50s since then with some rain, which is fine by me, I'm ready for warmer weather.

    I can't say I've ever tried Dead Sea Minerals. I've been using a brand called "alba" lately which is company devoted to not testing on animals. The lotion is really light on my, I really like the scent. LOL

  19. He sounds like quite a suave salesman. It's okay that you fell for his charms and his products. I bet the products really are wonderful, so your hands are thanking you.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit.

  20. I really thought this was going to lead into a romance of some sort....sigh....

    Ah well - as you said - you have lovely hands - so I guess the product does work then?

  21. Ah-hah! Dear Miss Kelly Ann, As soon as you asked to see my hands this morning, I knew!

    Mary...good for you. I remember from your post that you are much more suited for the warmed weather.

    Jamie Dawn...Thank you for coming by for a visit. My hands do indeed thank me. I find that after I do the dishes, I can't wait to slap on some lotion.

    Aims...welcome. I am glad you came by. Romance, is interesting that you brought that up adn it makes me think on it a bit. It is such an interesting concept really. We can find it in the most seemingly unaware areas. It is found in the intrigue, in the thought, and in the heart. It surfaces when I come home and love my husband all the more just because a stranger showed me kindness and reminded me that we are all special.


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