Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Anniversary Blogger....

May 17th marks a special day for me. It is one year since I started my blogging experience. Here is my very first post. It was a scary venture to begin but after encouragement from a dear friend, I jumped. The result of that jump has been very eye opening for me.

Along the way, my focus has shifted a bit here and there as I entertained the basic questions....should I write humorously, sarcastically, write about heart matters and my family, what will make it me, who am I.... but I knew from the beginning that I wanted it to be an outlet for my thoughts. I am the kind of person that slides into auto mode very easily and I often find that weeks go by before I give my own person needs and desires attention. Writing has been a way for me to air out my thoughts and begin to find myself.

These days I find that I can't get enough of it. I love to write. I crave to write. When I have gone a few days without putting my thoughts to a post, I find myself agitated and distracted. Writing calms my thoughts, puts focus where it needs to be, and helps me let go of everything else.

Because I tend to only think in the now, blogging has been a way for me to remember things that have happened; blessings and experiences, concerns and joys. These are things that I would always tell myself I would remember on my own but then find details gone from my mind in a short time. It has always baffled me how older generations could remember happenings, conversations, details of an event, even smells with accuracy. I have never been able to do that.

Another wonderful perk has been the people I have met around the world. Visiting Australia, England, France, Canada, and even different places in the USA has always been on my wish list. Now I feel privileged to have experienced a taste of those different destinations.
Then of course, there is the relationship aspect. Before becoming a blogger, I would ignorantly scoff at the idea of people building real relationships on the web. How could you really know a person by only their writing? Now, I cherish my fellow writing friends and look forward to our visits. I learn from them as they share their lives and I glean treasures from each one. Whether they are a passing visitor or one that I have developed a deeper relationship with, each one has made new memories in my heart.
With the aid and encouragement of my blogger friends over this last year I have walked through my thoughts on being a mom, daughter, wife, friend, and teacher. I have been able to share grief in death and joy in life. I have been able to unwind my millions of thoughts and learn that beyond those many hats I am my own person. Sometimes my discoveries have been an ugly look in the mirror and sometimes it has been a celebration. All in all, it has been for the good. That is what God promises....
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him..." Romans 8:28

Will I keep on blogging? Most definitely. I think all of these perks have tipped the scales in favor of a long future on the web.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    About those online relationships ... OC and I met online and corresponded for several months, but from our first exchange we knew God's hand was on our relationship.

    We corresponded for a couple of months, then exchanged phone numbers. After a few more months, he flew 3000 miles to met me.
    It was scary and exciting. Several months of flying back and forth across the continent got expensive. We went to the San Juan Islands for the summer, spent every day together -- then each packed up everything we owned and moved to Hawaii together (him from Maine, me from Nevada).

    It has been 21 months since we exchanged our first letter and I still thank God everyday for the blessing.

    Oh dear. I didn't mean to write a post!

  2. Congrats on your first year!

    It has been fun getting to know you over the past few months since I found your site.

    This is the busy season work-wise for me so my posting and commenting will be a bit lighter than it has been, but I still look forward to staying in touch.

    Isn't it nice to have some hot days finally? We have a lilac like the one you showed in another recent post. I love this time of year.

  3. Quilly...never worry about sharing to much here. I love to hear all about it, even if it becomes a longer comment. We are just friends visiting back and forth. Thank you for sharing about you and OC. It is so cool to hear just how you met. Wow Maine and Nevada converging in Hawaii. Would we call that a compromise?

    Jeff...Thanks for the kudos my friend. It has been fun getting to know you too.
    I am so excited that you have been busy at work. Of course, not that it keeps you from blogging but the fact that it is your job.
    You have lilacs too? I sure do love how they smell and look.

  4. Jules, congratulations on your one year anniversary...I think you hit the nail on the head when it comes to all the wonderful reasons we's nice to be able to meet new people and express ourselves...always new discoveries one way or another.

    Here's to another fun year of writing and posting ~

    have a good day ~

  5. Congratulations, Jules. I love the fact that you enjoy writing.

    We're lucky to have you in Blogland.

  6. are one of the wonderful people I have met recently. I love getting all comfy as I look around your place.

    David...thank you so much for the compliment. It means alot to me.

  7. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! I'm glad you're going to continue...

  8. Thanks for your blog is great. I really admire what you do. I understand about the need to write and write and express your thoughts...And thanks for visiting mine..ages ago..

  9. Hip Hip Horray!!!!!! Wow it seems like you have been writing for years. You are a natural for it.
    Thank-you for pushing me off the blogging edge. Even though I have been hiding lately I am trying to get back.

  10. Thanks Kelly! You are too good to me you know.
    Isn't blogging fun? You my friend are a natural. I am excited to see how you grab ahold of that keyboard and "bloom" as time goes on.

  11. Jules, congrats on your anniversary - I have absolutely no idea how long I have been blogging, but I do know how therapeutic I find it - letting out all the emotions and being able to share them with other people makes such a huge difference to life. And what is so cool is making friends, that was something I never expected from it, I started really to keep my family & friends up to date!!


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