Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Recent Signs of Spring....

I wanted to share these things that have made me smile lately.
Come take a walk around my humble home.

These roses are from my hubby....just because.
I love how the color blends from white to delicate pink in the center.
God is such an amazing creator.
Okay, maybe not a sign of spring, but they made me smile all the same.
Hubby, Pippin, and Rosie added to my Willow Tree collection for Mother's Day.

Can you see the varigated color in these rose buds?
Each mom at church was given these for Mother's Day.
I have never seen such color in a rose before.

This tree brings me such joy every year. It is a Star Lilac.
At one time, the edges of each star was framed in white, making a 5 point star.
I think maybe I am missing some nutrients in our soil because that effect no longer happens.
Still the smell and beauty takes my breath away.

I am not skilled in growing plants.....at all. But for some reason I am able to get these pretty babies to thrive in my kitchen.
They must love the sky light.
I am actually really gtreatful they are healthy and happy.
They are violets and some sort of greenery that were given to us when my father-in-law and my husband's youngest son passed away.

You might be wondering what that is in my kitchen that my pretty violets stand on.
This also brings a smile to my heart and I cherish it.

When my parents first married, my father was active duty Air Force and stationed in Japan. They lived in a tiny little apartment and furnished things as they went along.
This old fashioned ice box was the first piece of furniture that they purchased together.
My mom still laughs when she thinks about them arguing a fair price with the little Ojiisan (grandpa).

It has been in my family for a little over 38 years now.
I don't know how old it really is.
Maybe 7 years ago, I claimed it from my mom's garage, stripped and re-painted it
and now it sits in my kitchen filled with cookbooks and kitchen towels.


  1. Oh Jules thank you so much for sharing your home with us, everything is just lovely.
    I see that husband and girls haven't forgotten you at mother's day (not yet in France, on 25th), and your lilac is gorgeous. The story of the ice box is so sweet and full of memories.
    I am sorry for the dismiss of the little boy you used to drag everywhere with you long time ago.

  2. Jules, thank you for sharing your home, your keepsakes and your memories. I enjoy glimpsing into other people's traditions and momentos -- which is probably why I like blogging.

  3. Kitem...I am glad you enjoyed the walk around. So mother's day is on the 25th for you. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will be a blessing of a day for you. Your family will jump up and down shouting how fantastic you are.
    My lilac tree, here is a secret, I thought of you and your beautiful garden when I took the picture.

    THe little boy, you are so smart to put all of the stories together. Yes, that is the little boy that I had in the car with me the day I scratched it and lied. Nick died at age 15 from heart complications that he had dealt with since birth. To our eyes, wesay it is sad to see a young life gone so quickly. But I tell you the truth in knowing that he led an exceptional life and was filled with God's joy every moment.

    Quilly....I am so glad you enjoyed strolling around with me. Blogging is fun like that. Here we are with an ocean between us and yet we can still enjoy one anothers company and feel like we have been visiting on the comfy couch.

  4. Your flowers are really beautiful, and your fingers are obviously greener than you think that they are. The icechest is just wonderful, and to have so many memories attached as well as being beautiful!

    So sorry to hear about Nick, you must have been on quite a journey as a family.

  5. Oh, I enjoyed the beautiful flowers and sweet memories you shared...it's fun to see how others decorate and what their interests are. T'was sad to read about the boy and then I realized we may have something even more in common...I have a sweet nephew who is only six that has heart issues (and actually recently underwent surgery to receive a new pacemaker and valve)...he is quite the character reminding me that there is much to learn about living in the places least expected.
    Thank you for sharing so many things on your blog, made it fun to visit!

    good day ~

  6. Jules- These are such lovely photos. Lilacs are some of my favorite fowers too. The little ice box is precious. Thanks for sharing=)

  7. Mima...than kyuo for enjoying the stroll with me. Really I always forget about my violets. I don't know how they stay alive.
    Aren't memories so much fun? I love thinking about my parents going back and forth for a fair price on that ice chest.

    Joni...Yes, we do have more in common. You know, I am always so amazed at the advances in medicine. How exciting that your little nephew could be helped by a pacemaker and valve replacement at the age of 6 years old. I pray that he is doing so much better now and enjoying his childhood.
    Each life is so amazingly precious. God's plans are always so much bigger than we can even imagine. Nick had such a way of touching people in their hearts because of all he went thru and he had a zest for joy that could not ever be squelched.

    Colleen...purple is one of my most favorite colors. Another color that has been grabbing me lately is yellow. Because of being a redhead adn I was always told to stay away from yellow, it used to be my least favorite. Now it grabs and grips me with a huge smile.

  8. Jules, such lovely photos. The story of the icebox is amazing. I'm glad you have it.

    I'm really envious of your lilacs, though. I miss them a lot, here in Arizona.


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