Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cleaning House / Well Actually Computer Files.......

I started this last week and then got side tracked. I am sorry. I have been blessed with a couple of awards that I would like to share.

There I was surfing in blogland last night and I stumbled upon this in Quilly's Paradise.
What a nice surprise. I feel so honored.

Here are the guidelines for the Must See Blog Award....

About the Must See Blog award: This award was created for blogs that cannot be missed. Whether you secretly lurk, always comment, or frequently check in to see what’s new, these are blogs that must be tuned into regularly.
How to pass it on: Pick 10 blogs that you can’t help but visit often.

David @ Authorblog I am always sure to learn more about cameras, the world, and a few puns here.

Joni @ Morning Coffee Visiting with Joni is like sitting in a breakfast nook and listening to the birds sing sweetly every morning.

Julianna @ Fish Eye and Scabiosa Trenta She has a wonderful eye for finding beauty in the world around us.

Kevin @ Pie Riots and Strongly Worded My fun friend from high school, discusses the world thru a unique set of eyes.

Kitem @ A Garden in France I love to live life in France thru Kitem's eyes and sweet experiences.

Mima @ Mima's Doings Mima is always an encouraging infectious joy.

Quilly @ Pacific Paradise (there is nothing that says I can't give it right back and I do visit here every day) Here you can learn life in Hawaii, see amazing pictures, and be refreshed with candid truth.

Trek @ Trek 4 Fun My dear friend and encourager in so many things.

When Joni passed out this Brilliant Weblog award, she summed up everything so beautifully. Joni really has a way of putting her heart into poetic words.....something I still struggle with. I am going to follow in her footsteps and say to these people...

Thank you for being so encouraging to me. Thank you for cyber hugs, pats on the bat, cheers of encouragement, and being a friend. It still amazes me how people that I have never met or even talked to on the phone can mean so much to me.

Joni ( I can give it right back because I mean it), Kitem, Mima, Quilly, and Trek


  1. Wow! Thanks. I love being a "must read" blog. I love that all my friends are "must read" bloggers!

    Before the day is out, I must read your choices. For now -- laundry!

  2. Yo! It has just come to my attention that you have given me TWO awards! I'm brilliant! I'm brilliant?

    YOU are brilliant. You've given me just the right forum ....

    THANK YOU! Check back tonight -- uhm, my tonight, not yours!

  3. Still only me? Wow! Okay, I have acknowledged your award and passed it on. Once you see my post, you may regret having chosen modest lil ol' me! LOL!

  4. Merci des millions de fois très chère Jules, to thank you I had to say it in French, lol;
    I 'll put the awards on my blog next week only ans pass it to a few must see other bloggers.
    i am busy at the moment preparing a big party for hubby birthday (today) and we are inveted for the week end at a friend's beautiful villa on the mediterranean sea, right on the beach.
    See you all next week, have a nice week end.

  5. are SO much fun!

    Kitem..."Thank you some millions two times three dear Jules" (I wanted to practice translating, had to get out my book to be sure but I got it. Thank you for the fun.)
    You are always such a blessing to me.
    Have a wonderful weekend and I send birthday wishes to Mr. Garden.

  6. oh, jules, i'm moved... you really needn't have... but thank you so much nonetheless :)

  7. Thank you, Jules,

    It's such an honour to be mentioned in the company of terrific bloggers.

    My thanks for the marvellous citation.

    Have a great weekend


  8. thank you Jules for your kind and generous words ... I most genuinely appreciate your thoughtfulness ~


  9. are a blessing and I am glad to have made you smile. This way I can give back to you a little bit of what you do for me with each visit on your own blogging doorstep. are most certainly welcome. Thank you.

    Joni...blessings to you my dear blogging friend.


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