Thursday, July 24, 2008

God's Sense of Humor....

A few years ago we acquired some trees for the backyard from my dear friend that used to work at a local nursery. One of the big selling points that the nursery advertised was the fact that they did not carry fruit bearing trees. When I first heard that statement I asked, "What is wrong with fruit?" So my friend explained to me that when people around here (like big corporations) decorate and landscape, they want the pretty flowers without having to mess with the rotten fruit clean up.

Interesting I thought. And with that we took home a handful of trees that were over stock and scheduled for the burn pile. Amongst the trees we planted there were 2 Apple Blossom trees. I am really not versed in what causes a tree to scientifically NOT have fruit and I promise I do not have a green thumb. I actually don't even go in the backyard a lot and so I forget that they are there. But these trees must be really happy, see...........

I think it is worth a smile and giggle. Man tries to control and pattern everything away into a certain order and God says that He has other plans. All we need to do is trust.

(I wonder when the apples will be ripe and if they will have a pleasant taste.)


  1. My love is a botanist. He forever tells me, this was cultivated to be XYZ, but ... nature is nature. Have you ever seen a cultivated rose die, then grow back from the root stock? The true nature of the wild rose is revealed. God's design is perfect. Man's, not so much.

    HAving said all that, come by my blog and see what a mess fruit bearing trees can be!

  2. When I was a kid we had an apple and plumb tree growing in the field, just beyond our backyard fence line. And after a time, my family became rather bored with the fruit.

    I wonder what this means?

    Thanks for your post. I'm glad your apple trees have a home!

  3. Quilly...there you go, I cleaned up the over abundance of comments for you. I know, sometimes Blogger takes a minute to register a processed comment. I have re-hit the button so many times.

    True nature always does shine thru. We had so many rose bushes that we bought as hybrids and over a time frame of a few years they went back to their original design.

    Your site...yummy with al lthe mangoes!

    Kevin....What does it about the fact that we always strive for what we can't have and get bored with what we do have. OR maybe your mom got tired of canning fruit and coming up with recipies. But then again, maybe the earth tilted, spun around backwards, and you ended up in an alternate dimension where Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies became the food of choice instead of fruit. Maybe we will never know.

  4. ah, it was so nice to save those trees... and look at the reward!
    nature knows best.

  5. Polona...I am excited to see if they taste any good. I have not the fainted idea how to care for fruit trees. But I guess really that God takes care of them anyway huh.


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