Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What Did I Order......

Last week Rosie-girl and I were running errands and decided to stop at the local Wendy's restaurant for lunch. As we were sitting there eating and talking, one of the employees came out to do clean up patrol. He was a happy go lucky type of guy with a string Hispanic accent. He came over to us and asked, "Excuse me but have you seen a mouse running around here anywhere?"
Shock played across my face as I processed what he said and evaluated the implications.
Then he laughed and said, "I am only kidding. I am talking about that funny mouse in the Disney cartoon. You know he was in my hat and now I can't find him anywhere."

'haa haa funny joke', I thought. 'good for him for having a fun sense of humor. Don't know if his manager would feel so light hearted about it but whatever.'

So today Rosie and I were again running errands and figured we would stop at the same eatery for cheap food that is advertised as being more healthy and wholesome.
As I opened my smart choice of a grilled chicken wrap......a green bug crawled out to inspect the world. It looked just like this little thing below. Silly me....though my first nano-second thought was 'wow that is a pretty color to photograph', in my shock and panic state I didn't think to take a picture.

I covered the food and bug with a napkin and carried it all up to the food counter. The employee was shocked. I listened to the eeks and shrieks of the other employees as she carried it back to show the manager. She came back to me and said, "My manager says sorry and told me to give you your money back.....or do you want another sandwich?"
Okay I give grace to tons of people. After all I need it myself and who am I to judge. but what kind of question is that? Of course I don't WANT another sandwich.
She gave me my money back....a whole $1.50 and told me to have a nice day.
Rosie of course didn't want to finish her lunch after watching the green thing crawl out of my food. I don't blame her.

Who knows what important thing the manager was doing during my little crisis, but they couldn't even come out and talk to me? I am not one of those get them for all they are worth kinds of people. If you burn yourself with your coffee it is because you should have known that hot coffee would be hot. It is not the fault of the food vendor. But live bugs in the food.......how about a coupon or better yet just give me back the whole $5 I spent there in good faith.

Yeah, we are not going to eat there anymore.
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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK! I am so sorry that happened to you. You'll need to tell me which food place it was so I NEVER go there. I am so completely grossed out right now.. This calls for a glass of wine tonight with our dinner. ;)

  2. 1-800-Wendys

    Report them.

    Where were they buying their greens? And why weren't they washing them? Apparently they've never heard that e-Coli can get on plants through the dirt and as such need to be throughly washed in running water.

    DO NOT go back.

  3. Trek...hey we forgot the wine last night.

    Quilly...thank you for the number. I had tried looking around their website yesterday for a contact center and found nothing.

  4. ew! I bet that bug will never go back there again either...ending up in someone's sandwich...I mean really...what is this world coming to?

    Here's hoping your next lunch experience is a good one...with no surprises!

  5. please drop by my blog...there's something special for YOU!

  6. i feel for the poor bug there he or she was having a brunch and someone put him in a box.why do we in the west expect every thing to be clean.it's not the end of the world.thank God we don't live in India. Ehp 1:16. love to all

  7. I'm all for `green' energy - but I'd draw the line there too.

    And no, I wouldn't go back either!

  8. Lots of love Mae. please take a look at thehttp://www.revelationtv.com/se TV Channels. and please pass them on. thanks.

  9. Joni...you are right it is fun to think about it from the bug's perspective. Poor harmless little stink bug.

    Alan...you are right. It is not the end of the world. We do worry too much a times about things here in the USA and then don't worry enough about other things. But as much as I have learned with my western education about germs and disease it just creeps me out. God planned for me to live here in the NW and not India. I keep thinking that if I had not stalled around in opening my sandwich and instead bit right into it, there would have been flavor and crunch there that I was not expecting. That just makes shivers run down my spine.

    David...I can always count on you for a perspective of twist. 'Green Energy' that is too funny.

  10. Yuk! I wouldn't go back either. And I would report - not out of badness but so that they get to clean their act up before some one is poisoned.

  11. Now is the best time to enjoy the meals from the third biggest hamburger restaurant in America so have some Wendy's coupons.

  12. Kath...I have been out of luck with finding a number that really gets thru so I am going to write the corporation. Like you, I agree, my purpose is not to bash and slander. It would be very easy for me to forget the whole thing because I don't want to create waves. But the right thing is for management to know so that they can fix whatever needs to be fixed.

    Kutitap...welcome! I am glad you came by for a visit. It is always fun to "have company". I jsut came back from a big day hike so my brain might not be working right. You link gave me some blank Office Max coupon boxes. A small corner of my mind says that I am not connecting the dots to a good punch line. Sorry I am slow today. But none the less, I am glad for you visit.


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