Sunday, July 27, 2008

God's Strength....

I am headed out the door for church and teaching Sunday School. It is a full day today and I love it all. But before I leave, I wanted to share this photo that I snapped yesterday while taking the youth group out on an all day hike.
Since I have never had any photography classes, most often what my brain and eyes see and have in mind is not what comes through the lens when I take a picture. But this particular shot I think had just the opposite effect.
We were at Punchbowl Falls enjoying the day yesterday. A few of the guys had taken a big log and laid it across the rushing waters. As I was walking across, I stopped in the middle completely mesmerized by the contrast of the power of the water and the texture of the wood. It reminded me of God's constant strength in the middle of life's ups and downs.
What does it do for you?


  1. it makes me think that when we take the time to see God in things that are around us we will be able to keep our balance through tumultuous times...

    this is a great picture! at first glance I thought it was the sky and wondered what was going on behind the scenes for it to look like that, but now I see...


  2. Like a bridge over troubled water ...

    If we take the time to focus on God, we get much farther than we try to do things on our own.

  3. a dizzying sight, an a wonderful photo...

  4. Joni..very true. This bridge was only as wide as my two feet, yet it was sturdy and the straight and narrow path.

    Quilly...I have been hearing your song in my head ever since I read your comment.
    Your comment on focusing is so true. When I started walknig arcoss the bridge, I was emmediately taken by the swirl and intrigue of the water (the world) but then the true and vibrant secure steady rich color of the wood drew my eyes to a new focus. It offered much more than the water could.

    Polona...Thank you for your encouragement. And you are right, at times it was a very dizzying feeling. I had to take a few deep breaths while my mind screamed at me with, "Have you lost your mind? What are you doing on top of this violent water?"

  5. Like Joni, I thought that was the sky in the background. That sure is a spectacular image!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. You have several very encouraging (and wise) quotes here and your attitude is exemplary. Your blog looks like a great find! :-)

  6. Craver...Welcome! I always love to have company and new company. Thank you for your encouraging comments.

  7. Beuatiful work, Jules.

    I agree with Craver, entirely. And I guess it symbolises the power of Nature and the fact that there is always a way (with faith) through, around or above any obstacle.

  8. David...thank you for the encouragement. I was so surprised that it actually came out.
    You are right, there is always a way through.

  9. Oh boy. Without faith, this is frightening. With's powerful!

  10. What does it do for me? The same as it does for you Jules. I was just scrolling through your posts (casual like, you know...) and this picture stopped me in my tracks.

    To read that you took it makes me applaud loudly.
    And the way you read it fills my heart with joy.
    Amen to your post.

  11. Carol...yes I agree completely. It is amazing how we look at things differently when we have faith.

    Cathy...that does my heart good to know how you enjoyed my adventure. Thank you.


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