Saturday, July 26, 2008

Strike - Gutter - Spare - Bounce....

Over the weekend my step daughter and her beau have been in town visiting. It has been so nice and wonderful to have them around. Amongst our many activities, we went bowling one night. Okay, I am not athletic and my hand eye coordination always makes for a good group laugh, but I have fun trying. I haven't bowled since way before I had my eyes adjusted about 8 years ago. Yes I am pulling that card instead of the idea that I have never been a good bowler and have bowled maybe 10 times in my whole life.
(memory jogger or general info for new readers: On two separate occasions in my life I have had eye surgery on both eyes to cut, shorten, lengthen, and re-position the muscles attached to my eyes. It has alleviated lazy eyes, focus issues, muscles spasms, and charlie horse type pains. Consequently my brain sees a bit different and has to be ....ummm.....caliberated.)

It took three games before I started to get the hang of my brain and eyes to work together on the idea of what is a straight line. It was so much fun. My first game I bowled a 57. Yahoo! Jump up and down. My second game I bowled an 81. Things started looking up then. My last game I bowled a 99 and even got a strike in the 10th frame.

My hubby, who always seems to have a natural knack for anything he sets his mind to, had no problems getting 3 and 4 strikes in a row. So the scene for the first half of the evening would be him bowling a strike and then coming over to me to line me up and point me straight with effort and ease.

Maybe if I actually practiced at the bowling alley...across the street from my house.....I could raise my scores.


  1. I was never a great bowler, but I was fairly decent. I even once began to a league. So, on family bowling day, when my ex's kids were small, imagine my surprise when I lifted my bowling ball, gracefully swung into my step, step, slide ... and fell flat on my face.

    Someone had left a wad of gum on the lane. The buzzer is going off because I crossed the foul line. Lights are flashing. My family is laughing hysterically, and from out of no where comes my ex's best-friend. He helps me up, checks to make certain I'm not injured, calls an attendant to clean up the gum and tells my ex to grow up.

    My right knee, my right elbow and my chin were black and blue for a week. I haven't been bowling since.

  2. bowling is fun, but I've been about as often as you have so I'm not very good at it.


  3. jules i was out sat night with family and friends great time me watching them bowling.then a meal over looking the sea .now for kid's church have a good weekend.

  4. Quilly...oh my that might make me not want to play either. Shame on Ex and bravo for the friend to be a genuine person. Do you think you will EVER play again? is a little secret, I get a thrill out of the sound I hear of ball and pins crashing together.

    Alan...bowling and a meal by the beach, sounds like a great evening for all. But you 'watched' them play....are you not into bowling yourself?

  5. i used to bowl in a league. but the bowling we played is different from the one you know... there are 9 pins and the bowl is smaller, lighter and without holes to put fingers in. the system is quite different, too.

  6. Polona...your type of bowling sounds like even more fun and it sounds like it takes more skill. A big 8-12 pound ball is going to make pins scatter everywhere and get a strike. But a small ball with smaller pins and less pins takes more concentration.
    It sounds like great fun.

  7. I have never bowled over 100, and I could never get the hang of the release, either. It's pretty funny to watch. Just don't stand right behind me. I've been known to lose hold of the ball a time or two. :-)

    Sounds like great fun, though!

  8. Jennifer...have you taken any videos of the the ball going off in a different direction? (I have done a few of those myself) We could get an award for Americas Funny Videos.


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