Friday, July 25, 2008

Me and Crazy Eights...

I have been group tagged by Joni for a Crazy Eights Meme. It was my choice to play or not. The more I thought and struggled with what my answers would be, the more I decided I needed to play just to stretch myself a bit. History type questions about me are always an easy cinch to answer because it has happened already. But questions about future events always make me stumble and feel unsure about myself.

So here I go.....and feel free to play along if you would like. Just let me know if you did or not so that I can follow along with you. It is always fun to learn more about people. (And Joni, I didn't know if the picture went with the meme but I loved the little dragonfly and decided to snatch it up.)

8 Things I Have a Passion For

My Family
My Children
God's Beauty
Knowing God More
Helping People

8 Things I would Like to do Before I Die

Take Photography Classes
Go to Paris
See the Northern Nights
Seriously Take Up Hiking
Learn the Pianoand Take Violin Lessons
Speak Fluent French
See Grandchildren Grow Up

8 Things I Say A Lot

Praise God
No Way (in surprise exclamation)
Are You Serious
Oh My Goodness
That Is So Cool
Okie Dokie
Hey There Sweets
Anytime, Not a Problem

8 Books I Have Read Recently

8 Movies I Have Seen 8 Times

Even though we own tons of movies (no really we do have a lot) I don't think there is any one movie I have actually seen 8 times. Here are ones I have seen several times...

(actually the Scarecrow really scared me and really just about all the comic book heroes can be found in our house)
This BBC version is my favorite but when I want a good spin on things then this version is always good for a laugh and smile.
So there is a little bit more about what makes me tick and I have been officially stretched in my thinking.


  1. I enjoyed your CrAZy 8''s always fun to learn new things about our blogging always makes me smile when there are so many commonalities...

    I've taken photography classes at our local junior college, had lots of fun and it opened up a whole new world to really need to do this!

    I love kayaking and hiking...and would just love to go to Paris! *sigh...maybe someday...

    thanks for sharing bits and pieces about yourself ~ it was fun!

  2. Joni...thank you for enjoying. The dreams list, I intend to do every one of them and not wait until I am too old. ....Well not that we should ever get to a point of "being too old". There are always new things to learn and to try.

  3. I stole this meme and took it back to my place! It turned out to be way more work than I thought -- you made it look so easy!

  4. jules (the thinks i say a lot) sure you are not british???????

  5. I don't think I've ever seen ANY movie 8 times. That's a bunch.

  6. paris is on my wish list, too, and so is scotland...
    interesting bits of you and i'm sure this is much more difficult to put together than it looks

  7. Quilly...I know what you mean. actually took a couple of days to think about it. I set it up in blog format and kept going back to it as I chewed on thoughts. I hope you did it even though it was hard.

    Alan...I am so sorry but I am not quite getting your drift. Did I do a typo somewhere? I keep looking thru it but it is not jumping out at me. Of course, I just did a huge youth weekend that finished this afternoon with a 4 mile hike thru the waterfalls. So my brain is probably not working right.

    Gene...8 times is a lot I agree. My favorites I know I have seen more than 3 and some even 4 but I can't imagine seeing them 8 times.

    Polona...Paris and Scotland, that sounds like fun. Have you been to a blog where this guy does a Paris photo every day and talks about it? I think his name is Eric. I haven't logged in to any of his comments yet but I sure do enjoy visiting every few days. His photos are always so interesting.

  8. don't worry about photo' lessons
    get camera. take pictures, show us and we'll make your comments.
    and the blogging goes on EASY!!

  9. fotoface...welcome! I am glad you came by. Once I get back from the beach I look forward to visiting your place.
    Thank you for the idea. Posting my pictures and getting advice is a good way to do things.


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