Monday, October 20, 2008

Light As A Feather...

I am spending the day doing all the laundry in the house and catching up on things after having so many activities on our plates.

The retreat was amazing. We were in the high desert region of Oregon staying at a home filled with gracious hospitality. There were 19 of us all together enjoying food, fellowship, teaching, and fond memories.

One of the dear ladies in our church, who happens to be Romanian, came and played chef for us during the 3 day event. Wow! I have never been so spoiled by food before. When I prepare to cook for a large number of people, I think of things like spaghetti, burgers on the grill, instant oatmeal, and deli sandwiches. But not dear Ileana. Before we could barely begin to be hungry from the previous extravagant meal, we could smell the aromas of Chicken Marsala, BBQ Ribs, and Baklava coming up the stairs to our meeting room.

Here is a "quick" dessert she threw together for us. She was so amazing. Even as she was unpacking the kitchen the first night, she whipped up a plum pie from scratch from plums she grabbed out of the yard.

The retreat was a good soul searching time for me. It was a time for me to sort through, label and get rid of things that I have been carrying around in my mind and heart. I feel so much lighter now in perspective and have a renewed focal point for being motivated in the things that I do.

That may make no sense at all and I am sorry for that. I just wanted to be able to make note of it here for my own personal well being.

Blessings to you today.


  1. Mmmm... Romanian cooking... paa-reh bee-neh (very good)!

    I think you made sense there. It's great to think clearly and be focused enough to know how to pare things down and make your load lighter.

  2. BAKLAVA! JULES! I want to be you for just a second to be able to recall how wonderful the taste...Chicken Marsala I can get Evil Sister to make for me, lol!
    Lucky Jules...

  3. You made perfect sense -- and obviously so did the retreat if you left you renewed, strengthened and rededicated.

  4. It was nice to share with you doing this time away. We are eternally connected. I am blessed.

  5. wow...looks like a wonderful time together and that dessert...I want to eat it..tks to you, my diet has gone down the drain for this week hehe..big hugs :D

  6. Hi Jules do understand,God has work for you to do now you have a clear mind.did he point you to do something,he spoke to you before about.. now again take time on your own and listen to what he want's you to do. just take an hour with Him.He will show you where he want's you to work for Him . Do pray. love you all Jesus is Alife.

  7. jules another aeard pop over. poddy

  8. That should read pop over to get your award. Poddy.

  9. sorting, labeling and discarding makes perfect sense to me...I cherish those moments of renewal when I know God is helping me make room for new things...personal that feeling! The food you experienced at your retreat sounds amazing, what a blessing to have such a wonderful chef!

  10. Ah, my baby sis often takes herself and her family away to a retreat such as this, she always comes back full, replenished and so filled with the joy of life.. perhaps I may take the plunge one day, who knows?

    So glad it proved such a rich and validating experience for you.. it's contagious, I can feel your lifted spirit! x

  11. Bonjour Jules,
    You sound so fresh and happy. that has been a good retrat for you, God is truly there in your heart.
    And the baklava on the top of that sounds wonderful.
    (I have to sign the comment with anonymous because blogger doesn't want my address blogspot, here is Kitem from my Garden in France.)

  12. That all sounds so wonderful......It makes me wish I could chew properly right now!? haha I just got some wisdom teeth removed yesterday.

    Alan Pardoe nominated you to win a prize in a giveaway that I am doing. Maybe you'd like to come and nominate someone, too?!
    Wayfaring Wanderer: Share the Love : A Giveaway

  13. I am ready to do a retreat. I'm so glad it renewed and invigorated you, Jules.


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