Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Can Help Too.....

This reminds me of when the girls were little and they would want to help me do the chores.

I was at the local dollar store a couple of days ago and found this little white squeaker toy that he is nuts over. It is funny because all of his other little squeaky toys he jumps on and baby growls at. This little "pup" friend gets a friendly sniff, lick, and then an alpha bite.

I am getting ready to leave for youth group. It is the first time I have to leave him at home. No that isn't true. I have run to the grocery store for fast things. But tonight I will be gone for 4 hours. Hubby will be home giving him undivided attention. So why do I feel so silly worried and guilty?


  1. Kekoa is so adorable! I've just gotten caught up and my heart is melted by your new little addition. I can see why you are having such fun...they really do fill in the gaps with their cute little puppy ways. Best of wishes with the potty training, sounds like you are off to a great start!

  2. Bonjour Jules, so sorry about not visiting you for such a long time.
    I opened your blog and I just discovered KEKOA.
    Oh la la he is such a nice little dog, I love him already, he is so cute and look intelligent and clever too, how lucky you are to get a cute puppy like this, I do envy you, I wish you plenty of fun and long life together.

  3. The shot of the wee lad climbing into the dishwasher is a classic!

    And super loving a toy - Zebby too sniffs (the catnip interior helps), holds between his front paws to lovingly wash and then thoroughly beat up his favourite soft toy.

    Did the youth group get to hear about anything other than darling Kekoa? (just teasing, dear Jules, just teasing and sending love)

  4. Great Photo's He is a star.Can't wait for him to start playing in mud what a site he will be he will look so cute .

  5. Gosh, he is growing so quickly...what an adoring shot you got with Kaloa in he dish washer.

  6. Very cute pictures! Are you having separation anxiety? :o)

    Thanks for checking in with me and commenting on my blog. I have 'cabin fever' and can feel a great depression coming on if I don't get out! :o) We have had snow and wind all week and I am so ready for warm weather!

    Please stop by and say hi again!

  7. So like parenting, isn't it? Kekoa is your "baby"....And it's easy to see why...he's so adorably lovable! Hope youth group was dynamo! ~Janine

  8. Seems like he is happily settling in..why do you feel silly and worried, I guess it's like leaving a child at home..and that toy could have been passed on for another smaller puppy with BIG eyes of course. Happy weekend Jules/hugs/m

  9. N.B. for Jules - please the small furry lad is away from the diswasher before you turn siad washer on each day.

    Our cat from my childhood used to jump into the tumble dryer even before we could get the dried washing out! then she would sit then relishing the warmth from the dryer walls.

    So please check your whiteware before you turn it on, LOL and loving care, from us in Wellington, NZ

  10. These photo's are adorable, who couldn't love this little tyke? Dogs love unconditionally - we could learn a lot from our best friends. I can see he has captured you hearts - what joy you have allowed into your home!

  11. Ah, good to catch up here Jules. I can see you are smitten with the gorgeous puppy! I remember taking on a big project at home when I got my last dog as a pup, so I would be home with it.

    And I am also enjoying my number 8 grandchild here in NYC ...catching up with them, and getting over the jet lag! I think I will also enjoy watching the Spring arrive. Already it is 10 degrees warmer than it was when I arrived two nights ago! And the daffodils were almost ready to bloom when I went out for a walk yesterday! Amazing!

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